2019 PSLE Results

A huge congratulations to all students who received their PSLE results!

We are heartened to announce that 8 out of every 10 graduating TWC P6 students achieved ‘A’ or ‘A*’ in PSLE English. (Statistics are based on responses from over 300 TWC students as of 22 November 2019, 2000 hrs (SGT).)


We were delighted to hear how happy our students were in achieving their dream grades for the PSLE English paper! Our TWC Community also shared with us stories about their children’s vast improvements after all their hard work. It was wonderful news that some students jumped one or more grades despite being with us for less than a year! 

Regardless of how your child did, we’re equally proud of them for putting in their best effort. A child's growth and development goes far beyond their grades. Keep showering them with encouragement and support their passion for learning.

Take a peek at our 2019 Honour Roll below.