Balloting Exercise

Why is TWC conducting a balloting exercise?


MOE has updated their advisory on 24 September 2021. The advisory instructs all enrichment centres to seat students eligible for in centre lessons in groups of 2, and for each group to be at least 1 metre apart. 


If these tightened measures are extended to enrichment centres beyond 11 October 2021, TWC classrooms will not be able to accommodate all 10 students in the classroom. 


As such TWC is planning ahead to minimise disruptions to our classes in case the current MOE instructions are extended to enrichment centres from 11 October 2021 onwards.


Please be assured that this is preemptive – if we are allowed to revert to 5 pax per group on 11 October 2021, we will be able to have everyone back to attend physical classes.

How many physical students can each classroom accommodate?

If the seating arrangements are to be 2 pax in group and with each group seated at least 1 metre apart, most of our classrooms can accommodate a maximum of 6 physical students in each classroom at a time.

How does balloting work?

The balloting exercise will start on 30 September 2021 (Thu). The exercise will end on 6 October 2021 (Wed) at 11.59pm. You may fill the balloting form by clicking here.

Start of balloting exercise

30 September 2021 (Thursday): 

All TWC customers will receive an online balloting form link via email to submit their ballot. TWC customers who are keen on a physical seat are required to participate in the ballot for physical attendance in TWC classes.

Phase 1: 

Priority seats will given to TWC students in this order: 

1. Sibling who are attending classes at TWC 

2. Students who are taking dual programmes at TWC

Phase 2: 

Remaining seats after the 2 groups of prioritised students will be in the second phase of the ballot. Computerised balloting will be conducted to ensure fairness. 

End of exercise:

Results of balloting will be announced via email on
9 Oct 2021 (Sat), 12pm.

Why are some students given priority?


Siblings attending TWC together:

Many siblings who attend TWC together take their classes on the same day and in the same time slot. Having both children attend their classes physically at the centre, at the same time helps parents to manage the travel back and forth logistically. 


Students taking dual programme:

We have students taking two or more programmes at TWC. Some of these students take multiple programmes on the same day and will not be able to do so, if one of their classes is taken physically at the centre and another taken online.

What if I do not get a physical seat for my child?

Please give us a call at and we will see how best to assist you with the alternative options available.