Comparing English Tuition with Writing Enrichment

How to choose the right TWC primary school

programme for your child

He / she is doing great! Can beimproved He / she is struggling... THE TWC SOLUTION Leverage strengths to achieve greater resultsMaster skills, techniques and strategies to ace EnglishGeneral knowledge and current affairs to help students be world-readyHone critical thinking and communication skills that will benefit your child for a lifetime Which paper(s) does he / she need help in? Paper 1Writing Paper 2/3/4Comprehension/ Listening / Oral THE TWC SOLUTION Inspire a passion for the English languageBuild a solid foundation with targeted learning (e.g. vocabulary and grammar)Practice exam strategies via weekly mini-tests and termly mock testReceive individualised feedback to achieve learning goals THE TWC SOLUTION Hone grammar / language skills through practical exercises based on Model CompositionImprove visibly with TWCs individualised feedback Expand repertoire of effective vocabulary and literary devices Writing Enrichment THE TWC SOLUTION Tackle all components of the PSLE English Language paper (Papers 1-4)Master exam strategies via weekly mini-tests and termly mock testReceive progress reports to monitor learning progress Prep MattersEnglish Tuition DualProgrammes

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Of course, every child is special and has their unique strengths and challenges. Speak with our team to find out more on how we can help your child.

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