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Hybrid Classrooms

Teaching Quality 


Q: How will you ensure TWC’s teaching quality in a mixed classroom with with students in the physical classroom and online?


Our teachers have been formally coached on how to deliver classes so that all students will feel involved in the lesson. TWC has invested in the necessary hardware to ensure that lesson delivery is not compromised. Hybrid Class arrangements are being practised in international schools as well. 


See our Hybrid Classrooms in action here!

Q: How will TWC ensure that my child’s learning remains uncompromised in the online classroom?


Similar to Zoom only lessons, teachers will be calling on all students to facilitate classroom engagement. 


In terms of technical support, all teachers are equipped with professional microphones for good audio clarity. External speakers are attached to our computers so that everyone can hear Zoom participants clearly.


Q: Does it make a difference if my child attends Formative Assessment/Summative Assessment physically or online? (For Writing Enrichment students)


Whether it is a student attending classes physically or online, everyone will be referring to the same lesson content. The technical infrastructure we have put in place ensures that the same content is delivered to your child regardless! All written compositions will still receive the same closely-guided aid from your child's teacher.



Q: Will there be a change in fees for Term 3, if we were to attend Hybrid lessons?


No, our fee structure for Term 3 will remain the same (10% off our regular fees). There will be no additional fees for selecting Hybrid lessons.

Additional Learning Support


Q: What can I do if my child missed out on certain segments due to technical problems?


If your child missed out on parts of the lesson due to technical difficulties, we are happy to arrange for a full replacement lesson for your child online. If that is not possible, we can also arrange for a consultation with a teacher to review the areas that your child missed. We are sorry that we are unable to share recordings of the lesson.

Q: How else can TWC support my child's academic learning, apart from regular weekly classes?


Your child is most welcome to raise questions to his/her teacher or make an appointment to clarify any doubts! If you would like to bolster your child’s learning, we do run short courses to help target their learning needs. Please speak with our CSOs if you have any concerns about your child’s learning that you would like to raise.

Safe Management Measures


Q: Why is the buffer time between your lessons only 10-15 minutes instead of 30 minutes?


Physical attendance in our centres are rotated based on class timings to allow for a 2-hour buffer between groups of students in the centre. The 10-15 minutes buffer time allows our teachers with back-to-back classes to set up the technical equipment for the next class without affecting class time.


To keep track of when your child should attend classes physically in our centres, please download the timetables below. 

1) Timetable for:

Weekday: 3-5pm / 7.20-9.20pm

Saturday: 11am-1pm / 4.15-6.15pm



2) Timetable for:

Weekday: 5.10-7.10pm

Saturday: 8.45-10.45am / 2-4pm


Q: Is it possible to set up physical barriers in the classroom between students' seats?

We have considered physical dividers for each table. However, this is not feasible as there will be more surface area to wipe down thus increasing contact exposure. Studies have also shown that plastic dividers do not reduce the risk of exposure in an air-conditioned room. Instead, each student will receive a complimentary face shield from TWC. Together with a face mask, it will greatly help to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 in an enclosed air-conditioned space


Q: Why is TWC not doing misting or surface coating as a preventive measure?

Although marketed extensively by suppliers, applying chemical disinfectant through misting or surface coating may not be as effective as claimed. According to NEA, they have not received any robust scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of auto-misters and surface coatings against coronaviruses, or the long-lasting effect of surface coatings. A wipe-down of surfaces with an effective disinfectant is still recommended. More information can be found on NEA’s website.

Q: What safety guidelines will TWC adhere to for physical lessons?


We will practise the following safe management measures as directed by MOH and MOE: 

  • 2-hour buffer between classes 

  • Use of SafeEntry

  • Temperature-taking and visual health checks

  • Wipe-downs between classes


For more details on how we keep your child safe, please refer to this page.

Worksheet Delivery


Q: Will worksheets still be delivered to me? 

For our Zoom-only students, worksheets will continue to be mailed to you and marked scripts emailed, unless you would prefer to collect them from our centres. Appointments will be required for your visit to enable us to practise crowd control and safe distancing. Please call or email us to make an appointment.


Students attending our Hybrid lessons will have their worksheets passed to them in class. Worksheets for lessons prior to the first physical lesson will still be mailed to you.



Q: How can I keep track of when my child is scheduled for a physical or online lesson?


You can download the schedules here to keep track.

Replacement Lessons


Q: What are your Replacement Lesson policies for the Hybrid Classes?


To minimise cross-contact between groups of students, all replacement lessons will be done via Zoom only. 


With Zoom, we have an expanded number of options for you to select replacement lessons from. You may choose to do a replacement lesson in a different centre’s timing. This allows you greater flexibility in planning your child’s schedule. For availability of slots, please give your centre a call and our friendly CSOs will assist you.

Q: I have opted for my child to be on Zoom only, can he/she choose to attend physical lessons in certain weeks? 


Certainly! Please notify our centres at least 2 days in advance so that our teams will be able to plan out the seating arrangements for class. However, please note that your child will still need to adhere to the rotation schedules for physical lessons.