July - Sept

Examination Preparatory

For Primary 4-6 Students

Does your child need a quick and effective revision prior to examinations? Our programmes will equip your child with the revision tips and exam strategies to conquer their English papers with confidence!



We'll start a new class for your child with a minimum of 4 students.

Please select your preferred centre:


  • Bedok 6920 7511

  • Bishan  6753 5237

  • Bukit Timah 6635 3515  

  • Jurong Gateway 6816 7123

  • Parkway Parade 6440 4540

  • Tampines 6920 8681

  • Toa Payoh 6931 7980


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  English Tuition Boot Camp Sign up now!

  • P4 - Tampines: 9-13 Sep (MON - FRI) 10-12pm

  • P4 - Toa Payoh: 9-13 Sep (MON - FRI) 10-12pm

  • P4 - Jurong: 9-13 Sep (MON - FRI) 1-3pm

  • P5 - Bishan: 9-13 Sep (MON - FRI) 10-12pm

  • P5 - Bukit Timah: 9-13 Sep (MON - FRI) 10-12pm

  • P6 - Bukit Timah: 16, 23, 30 Aug, 6, 13 Sep (FRI) 7-9pm

  Write Away Sign up now!

  • P2 - Toa Payoh: 19, 26 Aug, 2, 9, 16 Sep (MON) 7-9pm

  PSLE Intensive Writing Sign up now!

  • Jurong: 20, 27 Aug, 3, 10, 17 Sep (TUE) 7-9pm

  • Tampines: 23, 30 Aug, 6, 13, 20 Sep (FRI) 3-5pm

  PSLE Oral Sign up now!

  • Bedok: 27 July, 3, 10 Aug (SAT) 4-6pm

  • Bukit Timah: 22, 29 July, 5 Aug (MON) 7-9pm

  • Jurong: 23, 30 July, 6 Aug (TUE) 5-7pm

  • Parkway: 8, 15, 22 July (MON) 5-7pm

  • Parkway: 24, 31 July, 7 Aug (WED) 5-7pm

  • Tampines: 17, 24, 31 July (WED) 3-5pm

  • Toa Payoh: 19, 26 July, 2 Aug (FRI) 7-9pm

Please note that: 1) 7% GST is applicable to course fees. 2) TWC students enjoy special rates for our holiday programmes.



Write Away™

Primary 1/2/3/4/5 ; 5-Day Programme | Course Fee: $330

This highly effective, fun, and hands-on 5-day writing course introduces students to the fundamental concepts and principles of creative writing. Learn the key strategies and techniques to write with excellence. You will see improvement in your child’s writing after 5 days! A popular course with rave reviews from parents!

English Tuition Boot Camp

Primary 4/5/6 ; 5-Day Programme | Course Fee: $330 (P4); $350 (P5/6)

Our effective ET Boot Camp teaches your child the skills and strategies needed to tackle all components of the English examinations! During this 5-day programme, your child will acquire a systematic approach to solving questions from Papers 1-4 with precision and focus on building their strengths. Boost your child's language competency and examination performance with the right techniques and insights!

PSLE Intensive Writing

Primary 6; 5-Day Programme | Course Fee: $350


The PSLE Intensive Writing course focuses on various writing techniques and strategies necessary to boost your child’s writing for the PSLE. Beginning with how to plan a story, this 5-day intensive writing course will equip your child with skills to make their writing mature and stand out from the crowd!


Children’s Literature & Philosophy™

Primary 1 & 2 ; 3-Day Programme | Course Fee: $180

Based on popular children’s literature, this course explores the philosophical concepts and themes in each story. Children will be encouraged to explore, ask, and discuss questions that intrigue them. Critical and logical thinking skills will be developed through our fun activities. This is a course that builds both knowledge and character!

SCOOP!™ (GEP/By Invitation Only)

Primary 4 & 5 ; 3-Day Programme | Course Fee: $240


This 3-day programme explores the fascinating world of general knowledge and current affairs to ensure holistic development. Through lively discussions and debates, our SCOOP! workshop will fill young minds with wonder and knowledge beyond textbooks, giving your child a global perspective on latest trending issues. Students will develop analytical thinking skills and be immersed in a stimulating and challenging learning environment.

PSLE Oral 

Primary 6 ; 3-Day Programme | Course Fee: $210


In this intensive 3-day course, your child will learn strategies to tackle both components of the Oral Examination. In addition, your child will get to practise these techniques in a mock assessment. Watch your child gain the confidence to speak fluently and score well in the Oral Examination!

PSLE Situational Writing

Primary 6 ; 3-Day Programme | Course Fee: $210


In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of Situational Writing in PSLE, such as understanding the question's requirements, the various formats tested, and the appropriate tone to use. This 3-day crash course will fully prepare your child to excel in this component of PSLE.