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Hybrid Classroom

Points to Consider

1. Asymptomatic Cases

  • While we have tried our utmost to ensure that all safe management measures possible are implemented, COVID-19 is a sly opponent to take on. Our visual health screening and temperature-taking measures will not be able to pick out asymptomatic cases.

  • We are committed to providing your child with the best possible education whether your child attends his/her lessons online or in person. Every child is precious in our sight, so please be assured that we do not take the privilege of educating your child lightly. We have invested extensively to ensure that students attending the lesson from home are not compromised in their learning. Your child’s success is our success, so we are very aware that we must deliver great outcomes for your child. We urge you to weigh the risk of exposure carefully, based on your family’s situation and belief.


2. Physical Distance

  • While in the classroom, our teachers will need to keep a distance from your child. TWC has always emphasised the importance of strong relationships and communication with our students. Having masked students in physical classes will reduce the visual cues our educators use normally to build rapport and anticipate questions. Despite this, we acknowledge that some learners will benefit by having a teacher present to motivate them to engage in the lesson. 

  • For the classrooms that are unable to accommodate all physical students in view of safe distancing measures, we will contact you separately to make the best arrangement for your child.


3. Longer Wait Time

  • With a myriad of measures to be implemented with military precision (we will try!), longer waiting time to enter and exit both TWC premises and also the buildings we are located in should be factored into your journey. We seek your understanding that new SOPs will be implemented for both admission into and exiting our centres.

  • We apologise in advance that we will not be able to admit your child if he / she is not scheduled for physical lessons that week. This is to ensure that there is minimal intermingling between groups and to allow quick contact tracing if the need arises.


4. Manpower Restriction


  • All replacement lessons will be done online. If your child misses a physical lesson, we may not be able to easily accommodate him / her in another physical class because of our classroom quota.

  • Due to the “no cross-deployment” policy, we are unable to be as nimble as before in arranging for teachers to substitute classes, especially if a teacher is on urgent, last-minute leave (e.g. car breakdown during commute). In the very unlikely event that this happens and your child is already in our centre, the substitute teacher may take the class online.