2022 Lesson Arrangements

In order to allow all of our students to attend our lessons physically in 2022, TWC will be implementing a split group arrangement with effect from Term 1 (2022) if the current classroom measures remain unchanged (2 students per group with minimum 1 metre between groups)*.  This will mean that all students who wish to attend lessons physically will be split into 2 groups, Group A and B. 

Please see below for more details on how this will work.

2022 Lesson arrangements

Note: TWC will ensure that siblings and students taking more than one programme with us are able to physically attend lessons in the same week.


* Should there be further easing of the current Safe Management Measures that will allow all of our students to attend physical lessons weekly, we will definitely make the necessary arrangements for that to happen.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is TWC changing to a split group arrangement?

TWC is currently monitoring the situation and ensuring that we adhere to the current government measures. If the current Safe Management Measures enforced by the government remain in effect (2 students per group, 1 metre apart), TWC will be implementing a split group arrangement from 2022 onwards. The split group format will give everyone who wishes to attend lessons physically a chance to do so. Students will be split into two groups and take turns to attend the classes.

Can my child attend lessons physically every week?

Should the government relax the measures and allow enrichment centres to have 2 groups of 5 students seated one metre apart, TWC will resume offering weekly physical lessons to all students. However, should the current Safe Management Measures remain, TWC will need to keep to 2 students per group, and each group must be seated at least 1 metre apart. In this case, a split group arrangement will allow every student to physically attend lessons once every two weeks.

I prefer the previous system where physical seats were up for ballot. Can an exception be made for my child?

We are sorry but we are unable to make any exception. During the Stabilisation Phase, many parents preferred online lessons, but as our economy is opening up, more parents are preferring physical lessons. Hence, the split group arrangement is the best system to accommodate most people. We will be able to have all students back in class weekly once the 2 in a group restriction is removed.

There are less than 6 students in my child’s class. Is it possible to make an exception for this class and allow for the students to attend physical classes every week?

We understand that your child’s class size currently allows for all students to physically attend classes weekly. However, TWC does anticipate the class to grow. We have had cases of group sign-ups and the number of students could grow quickly. To make the switch to a split group arrangement mid-way will involve a sudden change. In order to minimise the disruption to your child’s learning, all classes in TWC will be split into two groups and the students will alternate between online learning and centre-based lessons each week.

When will I know which group my child will be in?

We will be informing all parents of the grouping arrangements by 18 December 2021 (Saturday). Please look out for the mailer that we will be sending.