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Science Programmes

Vital Science™ Series for P4-6 students

Revisit and reinforce learning of important P3-5 topics tested at higher complexity at your child's level. Start revision early – gain a firm foundation in vital topics for exam and PSLE success!

Available exclusively at SAFRA Toa Payoh.

Limited to 10 seats per class.

Get a head start in your Science exams with MetaQuest! Tackle your child's revision this March Holidays with our Vital Science™ Series. Our P4-6 programmes revisit and reinforce learning of important topics tested at higher complexity at your child's level.

• P6 Vital Science™ - Revision of P4-5 topics

• P5 Vital Science™ - Revision of P3-4 topics

• P4 Vital Science™ - Revision of P3 topics

Gain a firm foundation in vital topics for exam and PSLE success.

Acquire the essential skills to answer Open-Ended Questions with confidence and precision.

Deepen your child's understanding through engaging teacher demonstrations.

Receive MetaQuest's exclusive Vital Notes to boost your child's revision and ace the exams!

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Discover the techniques to ACE Science examinations!

Maximum of 10 students per class for optimal attention

by our MQ teachers!

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Telephone: 6974 2008

Address: 293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, SAFRA Toa Payoh, #02-03, S319387

Programme Details, Dates and Timings

P4 Vital Science™ - Revision of P3 Topics

4 Lessons x 2 Hours / Lesson | $290

Topics covered:

  • Magnets

  • Body Systems

  • Materials

  • Types of Living Things

Available Dates and Timings: 16/03 (MON) - 19/03 (THU)  10AM-12PM / 1-3PM

P5 Vital Science™ - Revision of P3-4 Topics

4 Lessons x 2 Hours / Lesson | $290


Topics covered:

  • Matter 

  • Heat

  • Magnets

  • Light

  • Materials

Available Dates and Timings: 16/03 (MON) - 19/03 (THU)  10AM-12PM / 1-3PM

P6 Vital Science™: Physical Science (Package 1) 
- Revision of P4-5 Topics


5 Lessons x 2 Hours | $360 / Package [Sign up for both packages at $650 (U.P. $720)!]


Topics covered:

  • Heat

  • Water

  • Electricity

Available Dates and Timing: 16/03 (MON) - 20/03 (FRI)  10AM-12PM 

P6 Vital Science™: Life Science (Package 2) 
- Revision of P4-5 Topics

5 Lessons x 2 Hours | $360 / Package [Sign up for both packages at $650 (U.P. $720)!]

Topics covered:

  • Reproduction in Plants

  • Body Systems

Available Dates and Timing: 16/03 (MON) - 20/03 (FRI)  1-3PM 

*Physical Science and Life Science topics carry equal weightage in the PSLE paper. Important past year topics are included for PSLE readiness.

1) 7% GST is applicable to course fees. 2) TWC and MetaQuest students enjoy special rates for MetaQuest's short courses.

3) New students enjoy $50 off (waiver of registration fee) when they enrol for our regular Science Programme by 30 June 2020.

Special Promotions


Buddy Promotion: Enjoy 5% off course fee when you sign up with a friend.

Group Promotion: Enjoy 15% course fee when you sign up in a group of 4 or more.

Terms and Conditions:


  1. Promotion is only valid when students sign up for the same holiday or short course programme and timing at the same location.

  2. Promotion is valid for one-time usage, and at the point of enrolment only. Please provide the names and contact details of your friends when you sign up.

  3. Promotion is valid for the course fee of one programme for one student only.

  4. Promotion cannot be combined with instalment plans, other discounts, coupons, gift vouchers, privilege cards, or promotional packages.

  5. Promotion is non-exchangeable for cash and non-transferable to others.

  6. MetaQuest Pte Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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About MetaQuest

Aligned with the learning philosophy of The Write Connection Family, MetaQuest's learning programmes aim to develop skills, strategies and techniques to help our learners achieve academic excellence and translate their acquired book knowledge into real-world application. 

MetaQuest programmes focus on helping our learners understand their 'whys' and 'hows' in learning. Our passionate educators will engage students in their learning processes, and get them excited and curious about the world around them. We believe that a strong focus on engaging learners in high-quality teaching and learning materials will lead to good results in more ways than one.

Our insistence on quality curriculum and thinking activities will guide your child to become truly independent and highly motivated. Long after they leave school, skills acquired through real learning can drive and inspire them to lead an empowered life.

Meet Our Science Team

Sixtus Goh

Head of Science Department


Mr Goh is an ex-Science HOD who has more than 20 years of experience in Science education in MOE schools and reputable enrichment centres. Over the years, he has taught students from Primary Three to Six and guided them to achieve academic success while encouraging a spirit of inquiry. Mr Goh's lessons are always interactive and engaging as he helps students to acquire solid conceptual understanding through hands-on activities. His graduating classes have achieved well above the National Average for A and A* in PSLE Science.


Having been involved in the PSLE marking exercise for 13 years, he has a profound understanding of the requirements involved and the common pitfalls encountered in answering the open-ended section of the Science paper. With his immense experience, he has translated these requirements into a set of skills which students can apply confidently, and which will help them to achieve success in Science examinations.

Mr Alex Sim 


Mr Alex Sim graduated with first class Honours from Imperial College London with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. An alumnus of the gifted education programme and Hwa Chong Institution, he has had consistently excellent results in Science both in the Singaporean education system and overseas. In his impeccable academic history, he achieved straight 'A's and Distinction at A Level and received several awards for top results in his University modules. 

Prior to joining MetaQuest, Mr Alex gave group tuition to students of varying academic strengths. He also performed stem cell research at the National University of Singapore, and is enthusiastic about sharing insights about the Science industry to inspire his students to think about their future career paths. With a passion for encouraging his students to be inquisitive about the world around them through the lens of Science, it is of great importance to him that students be imparted with critical thinking skills. 


Ms Young Wong


Ms Young Wong graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with an Honours degree (Distinction) in Life Sciences. She boasts an excellent academic track record in Science from her time in Red Swastika School to taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. With her firm grounding in Science and diverse cultural experience, Ms Young is well-positioned to teach and connect with local and foreign students. 

During her candidature in NUS, Ms Young completed an interdisciplinary research project tying the biological sciences and physical sciences together. She was also part of the Special Programme in Science (SPS), which emphasised the importance of mentorship and laboratory work in Science over book learning. As a teacher, Ms Young shares the same philosophy. She hopes to use her expansive knowledge in Science and zeal for hands-on learning to ignite a lifelong curiosity in her students towards everyday phenomena and life’s big questions.