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Happy Father's Day! Tips for the June holidays. 💛 👔

Father's Day, The Write Connection Celebration

Happy Father's Day!

He's the man of the house. The foundation of affection and the one we can all count on. Though some may say he is a man of few words, his loving gestures speak volumes. Below are just some of the words our students have learnt to express the many joys of a father's love. To all fathers out there, TWC wishes you a Happy Father's Day!

Three Ways to Write Out the Wrongs

The final days of the summer holidays could pose a challenge as your children start to dread returning to their books. How do you ease them back into the momentum of writing? Here are three simple ways to take the pressure of writing off your children.

1. GET THEM TO CRITIQUE A BOOK When they are reading a storybook, encourage your children to take note of the techniques the author has used to create an immersive experience. Have a discussion with them about the effectiveness of the author’s work. Their thoughts and perspectives on a good piece of writing could seep into their very own written work.

2. DARE THEM TO TAKE RISKS Most children perceive writing to be a daunting task. Their scripts are usually marked with errors that deter them from making progress. To make the process of writing less stressful, have a discussion with your children instead. Instead of requesting that they churn out a composition, break down their resistance to writing by having a fruitful brainstorming session with them. Help them to recognise that their ideas have value even if they are not meticulously crafted sentences in a piece of writing.

3. MAKE SMALL GOALS  After going through two terms of composition writing, your children should have a clearer picture of the areas they need to work on. Get them to map out their goals as a writer. Before they embark on a writing task, remind them of the goals they would like to achieve. They could also share these goals with their teachers who can offer them additional support and encouragement in the classroom.

This June Holidays, Game On!

Here are three amazing games to help your child rekindle an interest in words and storytelling.

Alpha Bear, TWC's game recommendation


This word puzzle game allows you to collect virtual furry creatures when you spell words correctly. The adorable companions that you win can be used as power-ups for future games.

Framed 2, TWC's game recommendation


If your children are struggling with logic flow and developing storylines, you can turn their learning gaps into an exciting challenge. In this puzzle game, players are tasked to solve a series of imaginative puzzles by rearranging the comic panels.

Scrabble, TWC's game recommendation


This classic board game has been reinvented to help your children improve their word power. Enhanced with an in-built SCRABBLE Dictionary and SCRABBLE Master, your children will be able to learn new words from the game masters themselves.




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