Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19

Updated on 22 February 2020 (Saturday)

Dear Parents,


The Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level was raised from Yellow to Orange on 7 February 2020 (Friday). To continue to safeguard the health and well-being of our students and staff, we have stepped up our precautionary measures at our centres with immediate effect:

Precautionary Measures at TWC


1. Travel Declaration:

  • Students:

    • A Health and Travel Declaration Form ( has been emailed to all parents. Kindly complete the Declaration Form and update us immediately if there is any change to your responses.

  • Staff:

    • All staff members are required to fill in a Health and Travel Declaration Form before reporting to work. Staff are also required to update us of any changes in their responses.

2. Leave of Absence (LOA) for Students and Staff:

  • Students:

    • Students who have travelled to China will be required to stay at home for 14 days upon their return (counting from the day after return). Please complete the online Declaration Form.

    • Should a teacher or other staff member observe symptoms of infection in a student, as advised by MOH, parents will be informed to pick the student up from the centre. 

    • In the event that it is necessary for your child to miss some classes temporarily, we will contact you immediately to make the arrangements.

  • Staff:

    • All staff members who have travelled to China will be required to work from home or take LOA for 14 days upon their return (counting from the day after return).

    • Staff who are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of infection are required to work from home or take medical leave.


3. Centres:

  • Disinfection of Centres

    • Mandatory wipe-down with disinfectant solutions will be conducted in the classroom before the start of each lesson. We will also step up the cleaning of common surfaces and areas such as door handles, front desk counter and in-centre washrooms.

  • Mandatory Temperature-Taking of All Visitors

    • Temperature-taking will apply to all visitors, including parents who wish to enter our centre premises. Please be advised to refrain from entering the centre during this period.

  • Visitor Registration

    • To facilitate contact tracing in the event of infected cases, we will also collect contact details of all visitors except students coming for lessons, before allowing access into the centre. This includes accompanying parents of students who wish to enter the centre.

  • Hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray and thermometers:

    • Hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray and thermometers are available for use at our branches. (*We seek your understanding if any of the items are pending restock at any of the branches due to a current shortage of stock from suppliers.)

  • Stringent Procedure for Visitors, Students or Staff who are Unwell

    • If a visitor, student or TWC staff member presents with a fever of 37.5°C or higher, they will be required to put on a mask and be sent home. Parents will be notified to pick their child up.

    • An isolation room has been identified at each TWC centre. Unwell students will be asked to wait in an isolation room while waiting for their parents to pick them up.


Precautionary Measures at Parkway Parade,

SAFRA Toa Payoh and Tampines CPF Building

Students from our Parkway Parade, SAFRA Toa Payoh and Tampines centres would need to factor in an additional 15-20 minutes when coming for class due to stepped-up measures by building management.

  • Parkway Parade

    • Mandatory temperature screening for all visitors will be implemented with effect from 12 February 2020, Wednesday.

  • SAFRA Toa Payoh

    • Mandatory temperature screening and declaration of contact details for all visitors have been implemented with effect from 10 February 2020, Monday. In addition, all entry points are sealed except for the main entrance. For more information, please visit

    • [TWC QUEUE: AVAILABLE ONLY ON SATURDAYS] To expedite your entry to our centre on Saturdays, a TWC-dedicated queue is set up at the drop-off point (roundabout) outside SAFRA Toa Payoh's McDonald's. You may choose to fill in the Declaration form for entry in advance while queuing to enter the club's premises, and submit it with your temperature after it is taken.

  • Tampines CPF Building

    • All visitors are required to submit their contact details before being allowed into the building.

    • Mandatory temperature screening for all visitors will be implemented with effect from 24 February 2020, Monday.


As such, please expect additional time needed to enter their premises. You are also advised to bring your NRIC or driving license as it may be required for verification of identity. 

MOH’s Public Health Travel Advisory


The Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised the public to remain vigilant and to adopt good personal hygiene practices. Here are some precautions we wish to highlight:


  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness;

  • Observe good personal hygiene;

  • Practise frequent hand washing with soap (e.g. before handling food or eating, after going to the toilet, or when hands come into contact with respiratory secretions after coughing or sneezing);

  • Wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms such as a cough or runny nose;

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, and dispose of the soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin immediately; and

  • Seek medical attention promptly if you are feeling unwell


We will continue to monitor the situation and step up our precautionary measures where necessary to safeguard the health of our students and staff. Please feel free to contact our teams ( for any enquiries and we’ll be glad to assist you.


Thank you for your continued support and trust in The Write Connection.


Warmest regards,

The Write Connection Head Office