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"When you encourage young minds to read and write, you give them the greatest gift that will endure throughout their lifetime." 

Our courses for primary school students are designed to create a nurturing environment for students to explore writing and to appreciate the nuances of the English language. With the skills, techniques, and strategies they acquire in our classes, our students gain the can-do attitude to face any challenges and understand the world around them!

Prep Matters English Tuition

2 Hours; Primary 4 - 6

TWC’s English Tuition programme is based on the MOE examination format to equip students with the skills and know-hows to tackle all sections of the English examination at PSLE. Our lesson materials adhere to the latest PSLE format, providing students with the rigour of weekly practice under the guidance of our specially trained teachers.


All papers of PSLE English Examination:​

  • Paper 1: Situational Writing and Composition

  • Paper 2: Language Use and Comprehension

  • Paper 3: Listening Comprehension

  • Paper 4: Oral Communication​


  1. Gain value-added practice formatted to the Primary School Leaving Examination Syllabus

  2. Expand vocabulary repertoire through contextual understanding and practical application

  3. Acquire strategies to tackle every component of their English Examination

  4. Understand different question types to answer questions efficiently and accurately

  5. Gain practice and tips on how to speak confidently and how to approach Oral Examination

  6. Acquire writing skills, techniques and strategies to tackle compositions methodically



  1. Language Use
    Students will be equipped with strategies to approach and excel in every component of Paper 2 in their PSLE English. From learning strategies to tackle specific questions types to gaining tips to avoid common errors, students are prepared with the know-how to score in their school examinations.


  2. Vocabulary List and Revision:
    Vocabulary is introduced and taught in context of the comprehension passages. The application of the vocabulary will be tested to facilitate their understanding of the words.


  3. Listening Comprehension:
    Students are trained to listen out for clues to score in Listening Comprehension.


  4. Oral:
    Oral rubrics are analysed to provide students with insight into key areas of the Oral Examination. Through in-class discussions of various stimuli, students learn to tackle the different questions that may be posed in the Stimulus-based Conversation. On top of that, students can gain knowledge about the world through these discussions, thereby adding depth to their conversations. Tips and strategies to speak confidently will be taught to students through in-class practice of the reading passage.




  1. Situational Writing:
    Through guided practice, students analyse the situations presented in order to sieve out the purpose, audience and context for their Situational Writing piece. Students will learn to adopt different tones appropriate for a variety of contexts. In addition, students will be equipped with the skills to pick out key points in the given situations and ful ll the tasks as required by the assignment.


  2. Writing Workshop:
    During writing weeks, students learn a writing skill, technique or strategy. These range from technical skills such as sentence structure variation, to strategies to enhance their writing such as adopting different perspectives. To reinforce their understanding, students will apply their newfound knowledge in purposefully crafted practices.


  3. Continuous Writing:
    Armed with the technical knowledge from their Writing Workshops, students plan and complete a composition within the lesson. Their work will be assessed for their mastery of the skill, technique or strategy taught in that week.

"I am writing to let you know that we're gratified with Hannah's good performance in the school's recent mock exam writing practice, the SA1 Paper 1 composition, and the Paper 2 comprehension. For the two writing practices, she scored 37 and 38 marks out of 40 marks. She also attained the highest band in language use and second highest in content for SA1. Many thanks to her TWC teacher's patient teaching, guidance, and constructive feedback!

Kelly, Mother of Hannah, P4 


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