Replacement Lessons at TWC

TWC provides you and your family with many options in terms of time slots and dates for your child’s replacement lesson for lessons affected by Public Holidays.


Here’s how both options cater to you and your child’s logistical and learning needs:

Replacement Lesson Options Web.png

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, lesson arrangements are subject to prevailing government measures.

How does it work?

An online form will be sent to you a few weeks before the date of the affected lesson. Please check your email address registered with TWC for the email. 


To indicate your preferred choice of replacement lesson, simply enter your particulars according to the fields in the form. Then, click on the lesson slot that you would like to register your child for.


Once the form has been successfully filled and submitted, a confirmation email with the details of the session will be sent to you within one working day. 


It is as simple as that! 


Should you need to reschedule your child’s replacement lesson, kindly indicate your new choice via the form. Our friendly customer service officers will assist you with the confirmation of your class change, subject to availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I would prefer for my child to do a physical replacement lesson in the same week instead of doing it later. Can I make arrangements for my child to do so?

Replacement lessons in the same week can only be done via Zoom in view of our Safe Management Measures. For physical replacement lessons, we are only able to do it during the allocated dates during school holidays. Should you require assistance with other arrangements, please do give us a call.

Why is the lesson material different from the original class’ material? Will my child’s learning be compromised?

As our lessons within the term run on a cycle, we will cover separate materials in the lesson(s) that occur outside of the term. Please be assured that your child’s learning will not be compromised. The content covered is structured to maximise your child’s learning during the holidays.

My child will not be missing any lessons due to public holidays but I would like for him/ her to join in for an additional lesson. Can I pay for the additional class? How much will it cost?

We are happy to have your child join us for an additional lesson! The lesson fee will be as follows: Primary 1 to 6 (WE / ET*) : $69.55 (incl. GST) Secondary 1 to 4 (CRW*) : $74.90 (incl. GST) Legend WE: Writing Enrichment ET: Prep Matters English Tuition CRW: Critical Reading & Writing

Can I have my child do a trial in the Replacement Class during the school holidays?

Certainly! You may give us a call at 6816 0803 and our team will be happy to make arrangements for your child.

Can I choose another centre to attend the Physical Replacement Lessons during the school holidays?

Yes, your child may choose to attend a Physical Replacement Lesson at any of our centres during the school holidays. You may give our centres a call and make arrangements with our friendly Customer Service Officers.