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Safe Management Measures

For TWC Parents

When preparing for your child’s return to the centre:

  1. To expedite our SafeEntry check-in for your child, please ensure they bring ID documents such as their School Smartcard/Transit Link Concession Pass, NRIC or FIN (for foreign students). Make a photocopy of these documents and keep them in your child's TWC bag so that they will never forget it!

  2. Fill in the online Travel and Health Declaration Form. We will be sending it to you before your child's first physical lesson.

  3. Pack an extra mask or face shield for your child, in case they lose or soil the one they are wearing in the course of the day.


When your child comes for lessons:

  1. Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier if your centre is in a mall or at SAFRA Toa Payoh to factor in time needed for additional safe management checks at the mall's or clubhouse's permitted entrances.

  2. Queue at the marked spots outside our centre while your child waits to have their temperature taken and checked in via SafeEntry.  If we run out of marked spots, please space yourself 1m apart from other individuals outside the centre.

  3. While waiting in line, do have your child ready their ID documents for scanning. If you have a smartphone, you may help your child to check in via SafeEntry by scanning the QR code on our SafeEntry poster. Show us the check-in screen when you reach the door.

  4. Only students who have upcoming classes are allowed into the centre. Please leave your child in our good hands at the door. 

  5. We are sorry that we are unable to admit your child if they are not scheduled for physical lessons that week.

  6. If your child has a fever (i.e. > 37.5°C) or flu-like symptoms, we will not be able to let them into the centre. We will be glad to arrange an online replacement lesson for your child. 

  7. In line with MOE's practices, we are also unable to let your child take physical lessons under the following situations. Please inform us if:

    • Your child is on Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice, Leave of Absence, Approved Absence or MC for respiratory symptoms.

    • Someone else in your child's household is on Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice or MC for respiratory symptoms.

Transactions at the Front Desk:

  1. To spare you a trip and safeguard our TWC community, you are highly encouraged to make payment through our offsite options. If you wish to speak to our staff, we will be glad to give you a call or arrange for a video-call. 

  2. If you need to make a transaction in person with us (e.g. collection of worksheets), please make an appointment with your centre first. We seek your understanding that we will not be able to accept walk-ins during busier periods.

  3. As part of our safe management measures, we can only accept one visitor into our centre at any time via appointment. As such, we seek your patience if we are already attending to another customer when you arrive at our centre.

  4. Please check in via SafeEntry when you enter our centre, and check out at the end of your visit. 

  5. If you have a fever (i.e. > 37.5°C) or flu-like symptoms, we will not be able to admit you into our centre. 


At the end of your child’s lesson:

  1. Please pick up your child punctually after class to reduce the amount of time spent waiting at the centre.

For more information on the general precautionary measures we have at our centres, please click here.

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