Revised Term 3 Fees

Dear Parents,

In light of the government’s announcement on 19 May 2020, enrichment centres will remain closed until we are able to progress to the next phase. 

To ensure minimal disruption to your child’s learning in the foreseeable future, we will be conducting online live lessons via Zoom for the period of Term 3 until further updates on government regulations. 


Revised Term 3 Fees


In Term 3, worksheets will be mailed to you monthly, as we understand that the printing of worksheets has been difficult for many families. A 10% discount on our original lesson fees will be offered for the duration of online lessons in 2020 from Term 3 onwards.

Once we are able to resume physical classes, the lesson fees will revert to its original prices. Should this happen in Term 3, we will request for an additional top-up according to the number of lessons left in Term 3. 

The revised lesson fees of our programmes are detailed below:

Write With Me Loyalty Programme: Invite your friends to TWC and share the savings! Our Write With Me Loyalty Programme will be applicable to Term 3’s fees. Find out more here.


Dual-Programme Promotion, Sibling Promotion, partnership discounts and other promotions will not be applicable in Term 3.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further clarifications, and we would be glad to assist you!

Warmest regards,

The Write Connection Team