"Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye." 
- William Gibson

Individualised Feedback for Students


Students receive specific and personalised feedback on the first draft of their writing pieces. This feedback provides specific methods to resolve each problem using an encouraging tone to ensure the learner remains motivated. Students then incorporate these solutions into their second drafts, and witness immediate improvements in their writing.


Our unique method simplifies the complex subject of Writing into a transparent, focused learning process. This has helped many students overcome their language difficulties and excel in English as a result. Some children who have joined our programmes made tremendous improvements with us after a short time. 


The Local Expert in Teaching English


The Write Connection employs a unique writing pedagogy that is proven by research, backed by experience, and guided by passion. Our advanced pedagogy focuses on developing our students' language acquisition by forming habits of mind, instead of rote learning that stifles their creativity. Departing from the favoured way of learning how to write via the memorization of phrases or vocabulary, TWC’s courageous and revolutionary curriculum has allowed for the development of real mastery and thinking skills in our students. 


Best Teachers to Ensure the Best Service


Good English teachers are rare as hen's teeth. We have very stringent requirements at TWC when it comes to hiring teachers. We are always after the best in the industry. All of our teachers are degree-qualified and have to go through our proprietary training. To ensure that they are rooted in the TWC pedagogy, our teachers are trained to teach the TWC way, no matter how qualified or experienced they may be. Our teachers also undergo regular observation and review during their employment to ensure that the best service is provided to our clients. This is our commitment to our students.


Instil a Genuine Passion for Learning English


Passion is the driving force behind many great accomplishments. In our classrooms, we aim to keep the enthusiasm for learning English alive in our children. This is done through interactive learning methods as well as constant encouragement and affirmation of students' efforts and achievements. This instils in them a growth mindset, and a desire to learn more to attain greater accomplishments, be it in their language and writing skills, or in learning itself. Passion transforms a child's desire to learn into a well-oiled machine that can run on its own.


A Systematic Approach to Benefit Your Child for a Lifetime


Our structured curriculum and teaching methodology place a strong focus on writing as a powerful learning tool. Good writing is an important part of everyday life, and the thinking skills behind writing well can make very successful individuals. TWC students are required to be actively involved in their own learning process to develop such thinking skills. As such, our time-tested pedagogy that teaches our students to embrace change and be unafraid of setbacks will put them in good stead for pursuing their future endeavours. 

"My son loves coming to the centre and his work has improved tremendously. My son has attended many tuition classes but has never made much progress. We were very pleased to have chosen your classes. 


He scored a few Distinctions at the UNSW competitions which surprised all of us! He has also matured in his communication skills because he is full of confidence now. Your centre has helped him with more than just his English. The teachers are caring and the lessons are fun for the kids. Jonathan now enjoys learning. Thank you!"

Mrs Lim, Mother of Jonathan, Aged 15