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Own the Room with Jill Neubronner 


Learn public speaking from this celebrity anchor!


Created by communications expert and renowned news presenter, Jill Neubronner, “Own the Room” is a fun and effective public speaking programme that caters to students of different ages. Techniques taught in this two-part unique programme include:

  • Building a presentation that catches the audience’s attention in 10 seconds

  • Using body language and voice to persuade an audience

  • Confidently managing tricky question-and-answer sessions

  • Using props the correct way

  • Handling nerves with poise


At the end of the programme, your child's presentation will be recorded for you, and you will be proud of the significant improvement they have made! The benefits of the programme also extend to life skills that will help them succeed in school and life.  

About Jill Neubronner


Jill is a well-known TV news presenter and journalist with an extensive background of experiences under her belt which includes working with CNN. She is also a media trainer and public relations consultant. After attending her public speaking programme, her students and her children have gone on to score well in oral exams, represent schools in national competitions and gain overall confidence in public presentation. Her satisfied clients include Methodist Girls’ School, Nan Chiau Primary School, The Monetary Authority of Singapore, The Ministry of Education, Singapore Art Gallery, UBS, Yahoo, Lee Kong Chien Medical School and many more.


Programmes and Timings

Own The Room Part 1

Essentials of a great public presentation


3 Days x 3 Hrs / Lesson 

Course Fees: P1-P3: $300 | P4-P6: $360 

For Primary 1-3

Parkway Parade:

  • 14-16 OCT (MON - WED) 10am-1pm

  • 31 OCT-2 NOV (THU - SAT) THU & FRI 5-8pm, SAT 9am-12pm

Toa Payoh:

  • 14-16 NOV (THU - SAT) THU & FRI 5-8pm, SAT 9am-12pm

  • 25-27 NOV (MON - WED) 10am-1pm

  • 5-7 DEC (THU - SAT) 10am-1pm

For Primary 4-6

Parkway Parade:

  • 14-16 OCT (MON - WED) 2-5pm

  • 24-26 OCT (THU - SAT) THU & FRI 5-8pm, SAT 9am-12pm

Toa Payoh:

  • 11-13 NOV (MON - WED) 3-6pm

  • 21-23 NOV (THU - SAT) 10am-1pm

  • 28-30 NOV (THU - SAT) 10am-1pm

  • 2-4 DEC (MON - WED) 2-5pm​

Own The Room Part 2

Bringing it all together + video recording


3 Days x 3 Hrs / Lesson 

Course Fees: P1-P3: $300 | P4-P6: $360 

For Primary 1-3

Parkway Parade:

  • 17-19 OCT (THU - SAT) THU & FRI 5-8pm, SAT 9am-12pm

  • 4-6 NOV (MON - WED) 3-6pm

Toa Payoh:

  • 18-20 NOV (MON - WED) 10am-1pm

  • 2-4 DEC (MON - WED) 10am-1pm

  • 9-11 DEC (MON - WED) 10am-1pm

For Primary 4-6

Parkway Parade​:

  • 21-23 OCT (MON - WED) 3-6pm

  • 7-9 NOV (THU - SAT) THU & FRI 5-8pm, SAT 9am-12pm

Toa Payoh:

  • 18-20 NOV (MON - WED) 2-5pm

  • 25-27 NOV (MON - WED) 2-5pm

  • 9-11 DEC (MON - WED) 2-5pm

  • 12-14 DEC (THU - SAT) 10am-1pm

7% GST is applicable to course fees.

"The workshop was useful indeed. Shue Yin picked up many useful tips and she has improved significantly."


Yee Er, Mother of Shue Yin
(Lower Primary)

"Claudia said she learnt useful techniques... and is now a more confident presenter."

Maple, Mother of Claudia
(Upper Primary)

"I can see the change in Jadyn in these short days… from someone who dreads presentation to someone who knows she can actually do it."

June Cheo, Mother of Jadyn
(Lower Primary)

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