"Read to explore the world. 
Write to understand what you discover.

Think to reveal endless possibilities.
Excel in all that you pursue."

Our Teaching Strategies

We adopt and develop the most effective methods for your child.


Class Size

Small class sizes at TWC allow our teachers to interact and build trust with each student. We believe that learning is optimised when mutual respect and faith exist between the learner and the teacher. This is evident in our students’ engaged and positive attitudes towards their education.

Individualised Feedback

Specific and personalised feedback on all first drafts of writing pieces is provided. This feedback provides specific methods to resolve each problem using an encouraging tone to ensure the learner remains motivated. Students then incorporate these solutions into their second drafts, and witness immediate improvements in their writing.

Interactive Learning

TWC has a stimulating classroom setting where the use of SMARTboards, game tools, and interactive discussion strategies contributes towards engaged learning. This conducive environment allows our students to benefit more from the structured and sequenced lessons. Our highly professional yet warm learning space is exemplified in our students’ academic growth.

Instructional Scaffolding

Our teachers provide step-by-step formulas to strengthen our students’ writing and language abilities. Our students then apply these strategic skills and techniques in their writing. TWC’s scaffolding approach effectively equips our students with the optimal tools to conquer their English examinations.


At The Write Connection (TWC), we want to put writing back into the equation of learning English. We are dedicated to enhancing our children’s language skills through a writing pedagogy that is proven by research, backed by experience, and guided by passion.


Writing and reading are actually two sides of the same coin. The obsession with reading, vocabulary, and cloze passages has obscured the importance of writing in a student’s learning. Our integrated curriculum and teaching methodology are carefully researched and structured to enable our students to employ language as a life skill to succeed in school and life.


At TWC, we provide well-rounded English enrichment classes with an emphasis on writing skills and strategies. Writing requires higher-order thinking skills. Learning how to write well will help your child excel in all aspects of their English Language examinations.


We provide an effective and targeted learning approach for each and every one of our students. Our students benefit greatly from our commitment to perfection and our professional yet personal classroom culture. We are always improving on our winning formula, and train all our teachers to support learning for our students in the TWC fashion. 


True to Our Calling: Educate

Although our core business is teaching English, teaching is a calling of conscience and is much more than that. Change is the only constant in life. We aim to produce confident and educated individuals who are not afraid to grow and face life’s challenges with integrity. In all TWC classes, we aim to: 

Teach English

  • Textual analysis (Comprehension/Composition)

  • Vocabulary/ Spelling

  • Grammar and usage

  • Communication skills

  • Creative Writing skills and strategies


Inspire a Love For Knowledge

  • General knowledge, interesting facts, and current affairs are integrated into our curriculum to ensure that our students are more than book-smart.

  • Curiosity may kill the cat, but at TWC, we encourage curiosity!


Cultivate Thinkers

  • Students are trained to be actively involved in their own learning process.

  • Discussions of topics and the craft of writing occur in every lesson.

  • Weekly feedback from teachers requires students to be reflective and modify thinking or learning habits accordingly.

  • Higher-order thinking skills are introduced at a young age to prepare students for the challenges ahead.


Develop Communicators

  • Our encouraging environment and teaching approach are excellent for developing communication skills.

  • The TWC community embraces every new member, and advocates open and mature communication. Students will be encouraged to think and communicate in ways that will benefit their interpersonal relationships, as well as their future professional development.


Develop Achievers

  • Our highly professional and warm learning environment encourages our students to be the best they can be.

  • The TWC Student Profile:

    • Open-minded: Able to accept and be respectful of other perspectives

    • Risk-taker: Confident in exploring the unknown and unafraid of setbacks

    • Communicator: Able to express ideas or negotiate effectively

    • Thinker: Able to ask salient questions, analyse problems and devise solutions logically

"After a class on bravery, Marc was excited to share what he had learnt with me. I was surprised that my usually reserved son practised what he learnt at TWC and was unafraid to approach the cashier and ask for a bag. He is usually too timid to do something like that. TWC not only taught him academic skills, but also built up my child's character in the process. I am very happy that my child has benefited from the lesson in this way!"

Jenny, Mother of Marc Choong, P2