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An Inconsiderate Act

“I must finish revising these formula sheets,” I muttered to myself under my breath. Pin-drop silence filled the library and mountains of books piled high on desks. I was there cramming for my examinations that were right around the corner. As the end-of-year examinations were nearing, the library was packed with students.

Strutting through the door, I spied a teenage boy coming in carrying a McDonald’s paper bag. My eyes followed his movements and I peered curiously at him, pondering to myself if he was going to eat in the library. However, I brushed it off when I realised that I had better focus on my revision.

Unfortunately, a loud rustling sound interrupted my thoughts. My head whirled around, only to see the same boy unwrapping the burger. The teenage boy began to drool over the burger, which was as huge as his head and stuffed with gooey cheese. The mouth-watering aroma of the savoury burger diffused into the surroundings. Munching it noisily, he wolfed down the burger. He was completely oblivious to how several students, including me, were staring daggers at him for distracting us. His incessantly loud munching was obnoxious and rude and he was clearly not supposed to eat in the library. Showing a look of disdain, I scoffed at his inconsiderate act.

Marching up confidently to the boy, I slammed on his table and pointed to the “No Eating” sign on the wall. With gritted teeth, I demanded he stop eating as it was against the rules and it was distracting to others. He simply looked at me with a blank expression on his face and continued chewing loudly as if to mock me. With arms akimbo, I felt a fire burning in my heart. The other students who witnessed our exchange simply shook their heads in disapproval. No longer wanting to attract attention, I trudged back to my seat feeling infuriated and defeated.

Heedless of the warning I had given him, he continued to guzzle down his food. “How inconsiderate,” I scorned. Feeling annoyed, I did not hesitate to approach the librarian to inform her about the incident. I knew that the inconsiderate boy had to be punished. I wished that he would learn from his mistakes and not repeat them in the future. Plopping myself back down in my seat, my stomach then grumbled. Groaning in annoyance, my focus on revision was absolutely gone as I knew I could not study when I was hungry. Cursing the boy with one last frustrated glare, I blamed him for distracting me with his inconsiderate act.


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