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P1 Preparatory™

Kindergarten 2 (1.5 Hours / Lesson)

Foster an enthusiasm for learning language and build the right attitude towards learning in your child with our P1 Preparatory programme.


Designed to build up confident, risk-taking learners, our fun preschool curriculum develops cognitive, social and psychomotor skills while building up a firm foundation for language acquisition.

Build a Firm Foundation for English at a Young Age

Why Choose Us?

Enjoy the Learning of Language

Build a Strong Foundation in Literacy Skills for Primary School

Impart 21st-Century Competencies Such as Creativity, Cognitive Agility and Socio-Emotional Skills

Instil Passion to Discover the Fascinating World Through Fun Activities

Key Learning Outcomes

Communication of Thoughts and Feelings

Help your child evolve into a lifelong, independent thinker and communicator.

We equip your child with exceptional oral and writing skills to encourage clear expression of thoughts.

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Curiosity About the World
Around Them

Allow your child to explore real-world content through fun activities that stimulate creativity

We spark passion in our students to discover the fascinating world around them.

Adaptability, Resilience and Confidence

We cultivate mental agility and adaptability in your child through a growth mindset.

Our encouraging classroom environment gives your child the confidence to face challenges positively.


Learning is embedded in our DNA

We empower your child to be:

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An Inquisitive Explorer

Your child will be fascinated by the fun and enriching content in our curriculum. Our engaging activities will motivate students to explore the world around them. We celebrate their natural sense of curiosity, which gives them a hunger for knowledge.

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A Team Player

Through collaborative activities, your child will pick up socio-emotional skills and learn to work well with others. These are skills that need to be inculcated early in order to set children up for success in school as well as in life.

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A Growth-Oriented Learner

A safe and nurturing environment is cultivated by our teachers to develop a growth mindset in your child. ​With a warm and encouraging teaching approach, we build your child’s confidence to learn from challenges.

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An Expressive Communicator

To foster language skills and emergent literacy in children, we encourage them to express themselves creatively in writing and verbally. In doing so, your child will develop a voice and learn to communicate with confidence.

Wenxuan has been with TWC since K2... He has improved so much over the years, and most importantly, his love for writing goes beyond TWC's writing assignments. He is enthusiastic about writing travel diary entries and poems on his own. This passion is something invaluable he gained from TWC.

Camellia Nie, Mother of Zhong Wenxuan (Primary 5)

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