Pre-School - The Write Beginnings

" It's never too early to instil a love for language..."

The early years are crucial for introducing language skills and fostering an enthusiasm for learning. Before their first babble, infants come to recognise sound patterns, and can discriminate among different languages. Our classes for pre-schoolers are designed to establish a strong English language foundation, while promoting social interaction. Students develop cognitive and sensory-motor skills in our pre-school curriculum.

P1 Preparatory™

1.5 Hours; Kindergarten 2

This lively enrichment programme aims to provide every child with a broad and deep foundation for a lifelong journey of learning. Apart from building a strong foundation in literacy skills, our programme seeks to:


  • Impart 21st-century competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, cognitive skills, compassion and confidence;

  • Instil our students with the passion to discover the fascinating world around them, and; 

  • Give them the skills to express themselves well in writing and oral communication. 

Give Your Child a Head Start


At TWC, we believe that a holistic education is about nurturing the whole child. Accordingly, we cultivate in our students a set of core skills, dispositions and competencies steeped in values and character, to empower them to excel in the future. Learning English and writing the TWC way provides that edge for our young learners.


Our lessons are designed to:

  • Develop lifelong, independent thinkers and communicators;

  • Equip students with the right mindset to engage in the learning process; and

  • Teach them language skills which translate into good oral and writing skills in order to express themselves clearly.


TWC teachers are trained to communicate with a Growth Mindset focus, to nurture our students into inquisitive and confident users of the English language. Throughout the programme, our teachers employ a variety of teaching strategies to help your child cultivate agility and adaptability. Our team also works tirelessly to enrich and transform the learning environments of our students to equip them with the critical competencies to thrive in a knowledge-based economy. 


The skills, strategies and techniques your child learns at TWC will pave the way for him/her to grow into a successful individual.