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In my TWC lesson, I learn more new words, which helps me to describe nouns and make use of precise verbs. I improved in my comprehension open-ended questions from 6/10 to 10/10, and scored over 91 marks overall!

Justin Tang, Primary 3
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

My child, Noel, joined TWC (Bedok) for Writing Enrichment towards the end of Primary 5, when we discovered that he was rather weak in composition writing. Despite reading up and doing past years' papers, he could not attain a breakthrough to score what he wished for (A / A*) in his English Language paper. We passed by TWC (Bedok) on a weekend and decided to sign up for its Writing Enrichment programme where the core consideration was the centre's proximity to home and timing of class which suited our schedule. Little did we expect our child, Noel, to be so interested in attending an enrichment class early every Saturday morning.

We would like to give credit to Noel's teacher from TWC, for her trustworthiness and dedication in imparting the skills of a good writer to Noel. We believe his TWC teacher’s patience and her ability to engage students in a professional yet caring and encouraging manner is what spurred our son's interest and determination to keep on striving to write a good composition.

Noel’s TWC teacher has certainly built up his confidence in the English Language paper. Her teaching has brought out the potential in Noel to handle the PSLE English paper with confidence and to score 'A*' for English in PSLE.

Thank you to Noel’s TWC teacher for believing in him!

Bee Leng, Mother of
Noel Tan, Primary 6
Bedok Green Primary School
PSLE English: A*

I would like to thank TWC for the excellent educational coaching it has provided for my son! My son has shown incredible improvement thanks to his inspirational teachers, who supported him emotionally and academically throughout the milestone year.

The teachers and the entire TWC team are the main reason why my son could clinch an 'A*' in his PSLE English. I also have to applaud TWC for their wide range of interactive and fun lessons, and for their well-maintained facilities which provide a suitable learning environment.

Uma, Mother of
Selvaraj Madhan, Primary 6
Chongzheng Primary School
PSLE English: A*

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from my TWC lessons. The use of class discussion is very effective. My teacher ensures that every one of us in her class has a chance to speak up and state our points. She informs us of the topic we will be doing one week beforehand to allow us to do some background research before we go for the next lesson. She is also able to control the class very well and that makes the learning environment very conducive.

I have seen a huge improvement in my vocabulary and writing skills within a year! I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve a consistent 'A' for my English this year if I hadn’t come to TWC.

Bryan Koh, Secondary 2
Hwa Chong Institution

My TWC teacher always ensures that we understand what he is teaching.


He helps me understand the logic behind grammar, not to mention composition, comprehension and open-ended questions.

Seow Kai Yuan Ethan, Primary 6
Tao Nan School
PSLE English: A
(Improved from 'C')

Since joining TWC at the beginning of 2018, Joelle has become more confident in English.

Attending classes at TWC has enhanced her acquisition of skills required to be competent in English. She enjoys attending classes at TWC even if she is busy with school activities on weekdays. Joelle and I would like to thank her teacher for guiding her.

Jessica Tong, Mother of
Joelle Low, Secondary 3
CHIJ Katong Convent

My daughter entered TWC with rather poor results for her English prelims. After the coaching she received from TWC teachers, she jumped by two grades for her O-Level English. The fact that she was able to make such good progress is extremely heartening. I'm very pleased with the dedication that her teachers at TWC have shown. Thank you!

Jolene, Mother of
Juniper Chua, Secondary 4
CHIJ St Theresa's Convent

Please convey my thanks to Katherine for setting up The Write Connection and ensuring the quality of the teachers, and especially those teachers who are able to inspire, guide and help the students.


Jonathan has benefited greatly from his lessons at the centre. I remember he was only getting an average 'A' grade in his English when he first started at The Write Connection and never expected he would end up with an 'A*'. Schedule permitting, I hope Jonathan can continue at The Write Connection next year in Secondary 1.

Mr Gerald Chong, Father of Jonathan, Primary 6

PSLE English: A*

We’re gratified by Hannah’s good performance in the school’s recent mock exam writing practice, the SA1 Paper 1 composition and the Paper 2 comprehension.


For the two writing practices, she scored 37 and 38 marks out of 40 marks. She also attained the highest band in language use and second highest in content for SA1. Many thanks to her TWC teacher’s patient teaching, guidance and constructive feedback!

Kelly, Mother of
Hannah, Primary 4
Nan Hua Primary School

I would like to convey my personal thanks to The Write Connection for instilling a strong interest in writing in Megan.


Megan's writing has improved tremendously within a short period of time at TWC. I am very pleased and proud of her for achieving a perfect score in her recent writing test in school. Kudos to TWC and their teachers!

Mrs Lu, Mother of
Megan Lu, Primary 2

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

I am more confident in my writing, and better at phrasing and plotting now. I have learnt many techniques for writing and expanded my vocabulary. My composition marks have improved from an average of 28 to 35.

Isabelle Goh, Primary 6

Raffles Girls’ Primary School
PSLE English: A*

TWC S1 CRW programme has helped me in improving my vocabulary, essay writing skills, situational writing and many more. It has helped me gain useful general knowledge that can be applied in oral, argumentative writing, etc. I have improved in my comprehension, as I can analyse, understand and answer questions better by applying taught techniques. All the teachers are awesome, cool and fun with well-conducted and educational lessons. Discussions are enjoyable with interesting videos, and the curriculum is well-organised. One of the best tuition centres with the best teachers! :)

Tan Shi Qing, Secondary 1
Damai Secondary School

I have learnt lots of ways to improve my compo. I can use personification and many other methods. My Paper 2 results have improved significantly. I used to score 'B' previously, but now I have managed to score an 'A'.

Arjun Ramanathan, Primary 6 Opera Estate Primary School

My child’s TWC teacher is a very dedicated young teacher with a strong passion for teaching young children. Under her guidance, my child enjoyed every lesson for the whole year and even asked to continue in 2020.


Although my child attends a 2-hour long Chinese class before every TWC lesson with only an hour’s lunch break in between, not once did I ever have to force him to class as he always looks forward to it. I could see the improvements in his writing as he learned much better under the guidance of a teacher whom he enjoys learning from. It made a big difference! Seeing a smile on his face after class and knowing that he learnt something new in class today is the best gift!


My child started with TWC when he was in K2 at TWC Tampines before we moved to the newly-opened Bedok branch. He is very enthusiastic in his learning at TWC and I hope his passion for the language will be further enhanced with the guidance of TWC teachers. The staff at TWC often reiterates that all TWC Teachers are well-trained and professional in caring for children.


I hope my son’s TWC teacher will continue teaching my child next year. Well done for being a very dedicated teacher!

Yvonne Ng, Mother of
Gan Hwee Yang, Primary 2
Red Swastika School

My son loves coming to the centre and his work has improved tremendously. My son has attended many tuition classes but has never made much progress. We were very pleased to have chosen your classes. He scored a few Distinctions at the UNSW competitions which surprised all of us! He has also matured in his communication skills because he is full of confidence now. Your centre has helped him with more than just his English. The teachers are caring and the lessons are fun for the kids. Jonathan now enjoys learning. Thank you!

Mrs Lim, Mother of
Jonathan, Aged 15

We've received feedback from school teachers that Natalie had an awkward way of writing her English compositions since she was in P1. I was at wits end as it was not effective to make her read and write more. That’s when I decided to first sign her up for TWC's Holiday Programme during the June holidays (when she was in P2). She enjoyed the class a lot. I signed her up for the regular Writing Enrichment classes in P3 and we slowly saw her grades steadily improve a point or two with every major test. The vast variety of writing topics that was presented each week during lessons introduced many topic-related keywords. Thus, her vocabulary grew. Natalie's hard work, coupled with guidance from her teacher and the Writing Enrichment curriculum, enabled her to top her class this term. I would like to thank TWC for their well thought out programme.

Michelle Koh, Mother of
Natalie Tan Suan Yan, Primary 4
CHIJ (Katong) Primary

I enrolled my daughter about half a year ago in Writing Enrichment classes at TWC Punggol. With constant weekly practices, a well-developed curriculum and a dedicated teacher, we can see improvements in my daughter’s writing such as including more phrases, precise verbs and vocabulary to enhance her stories. Most importantly, she is no longer resistant to writing. Credit goes to her TWC teacher who is passionate about teaching and very encouraging towards her students. My girl has gained more confidence in writing now. We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude towards her TWC teacher for making learning more fun! We look forward to seeing our girl continuously flourish under your guidance!

Pearlyn, Mother of
Jazzel Lim, Primary 2
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity

Back in 2016, Kayden attended one of TWC’s holiday writing programmes. He had a fruitful and enjoyable time there. His TWC teacher as well as Customer Service Officers were very helpful and friendly. It left a lasting impression on us and we wanted Kayden to continue with regular lessons here. However, due to some logistics and timing issues, we were unable to. Thankfully in 2019, TWC opened a new branch in Sembawang. As it was closer to where we are staying, we signed Kayden up for their writing lessons without hesitation.


We entrusted TWC with Kayden's English writing as we believed in their teaching pedagogy. Kayden's TWC teacher is very patient and dedicated. He will provide us with periodic updates based on his termly progress. I like the fact that each piece of written work is marked with care and has constructive comments provided to help him improve. Kayden always looks forward to every lesson, as it is always engaging and enriching. Last but not least, the Customer Service Officers at Sembawang are always courteous and helpful with administrative matters.

Kim, Mother of

Kayden Tan, Primary 6

St Andrew's Junior School

My daughter's TWC teacher has been teaching her from 2019 to 2020 (P5-P6). She was the first student in his class and I am thankful that he has been patiently teaching her. I must admit that my daughter can be quite a challenge to manage. She was giving him a hard time initially, but he has been patient in trying to understand and connect with her. After some time, my daughter started to enjoy his teaching and looks forward to attending his class.


He is a very committed teacher. He will email or call us to give feedback and even send reminders. He is a great asset to TWC. I appreciate his effort in teaching my daughter and would like to commend him for helping my daughter improve in her English.

Joyce Liew, Mother of

Phaedra Hng, Primary 6
CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Primary

It has been a good 9 months with TWC. My girl, Kaelynn, P3, has benefited a lot from the teachers at TWC. She loves to write but lacks ideas and proper planning. I decided to enrol Kaelynn in a trial class and right after, Kaelynn's first words to me were, "Mum, you should have signed me up when I was in P2!" TWC’s methodology inspired Kaelynn to be more confident in her writing. I can see a leap of improvement in her vocabulary! We were overwhelmed when she won the NDP 2020 writing competition. A big thank you to TWC! She loves her TWC teacher and always looks forward to the next lesson.

Cindy Tan, Mother of
Long Kaelynn, Primary 3
Meetoh School

Our daughter didn't like writing compositions from the start as she lacked ideas. However, she has been growing more confident in writing and began to enjoy it after attending lessons at TWC. Her results have improved tremendously and we are less worried about the outcome of her PSLE results. Her TWC teacher has been a great teacher who is very eager to motivate my daughter. We cannot appreciate her enthusiasm enough.

Shuji Ishise, Father of

Kino Ishise, Primary 6

Canossa Catholic Primary School

I love the way my TWC teacher delivers her lessons and how we work on improving our compositions almost every week. I have become more confident in my English after attending lessons at TWC. I am now able to use more vocabulary and skills in my writing. I have improved greatly, thanks to the knowledge I have gained from the lessons here at TWC.

Justin Tye, Primary 6

Tanjong Katong Primary School

Thank you so much for guiding my son, Ismail Bin Ariffin. Under his teacher’s care and guidance, Ismail has improved in his English. He always looks forward to lessons each week as he finds them very enjoyable and interesting. Thank you for also advising me to go through the paper section by section with Ismail. It has really helped Ismail to make great progress in his exams.

Aisah, Mother of

Ismail Bin Ariffin, Primary 6
Bedok Green Primary School

While Luca is a very capable English speaker, we wanted to make sure that he is equipped with good writing skills so that he will be able to compose impressive entry essays when he applies for universities back in the States. While our goal was aimed for the long term, we are quite pleasantly surprised with his improvements in his current school work and exams.


Additionally, we are absolutely delighted with his TWC teacher. She is very well-spoken (great to have another reinforcing force in Luca's life). She always takes the time to share with me about Luca’s progress as well as listen to Luca's background story which has allowed her to understand him better. We hope to see her again next year!

Riana Montisano, Mother of

Luca Montisano, Secondary 1
Changkat Changi Secondary School

This enrichment programme has helped me to improve in my writing by leaps and bounds. Classes conducted by my TWC teacher are very engaging. I learn something new in each lesson, making every session very fruitful. I have learnt lots of useful vocabulary that can be applied in my compositions. I have also learnt how to go straight to the point in my writing. I have also learnt similes, metaphors, hyperboles, which strengthen the descriptions in my compositions. I enjoy learning English much more than before.

Aden Ang Yu Ze, Primary 6

Mee Toh School

I love the friendly atmosphere at TWC. In class, I am always given enough time to complete my work and my TWC teacher makes sure that I’m on the right path. My writing skills have improved. My English was quite average before, however, it has become more sophisticated. The lessons at TWC has helped me a lot in analysing and understanding the texts that we read in school.

Seorin Park, Secondary 3

Overseas Family School

I love the teachers at TWC so much as they are so polite and kind. The things we learn during lessons are really helpful in my schoolwork, which has helped me improve my grades. I love lessons at TWC because they are super engaging and interesting. I have improved a lot in terms of my language skills as I have learnt so many things during my term at TWC. Thank you for teaching me!

Maya Umaranikar, Secondary 1

Singapore American School

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Izzul's teacher for teaching him since the beginning of 2016 when he was in Secondary 1. Izzul is now in Secondary 4 and he has improved tremendously over the years. My family and I would like to thank TWC from the bottom of our hearts.

Kartini Supa’at, Mother of
Izzul Adham, Secondary 4
Raffles Institution

My TWC teacher is very fun-loving and cracks many jokes! I love this fun learning experience.

I learnt how to better answer open-ended comprehension questions, comprehension cloze questions and picked up many vocabulary words!!! I also learnt many interesting and useful writing skills to help my compositions to further improve. I improved from a 94 to 97 to get a high ‘A*’.

Ngoi Cheng Yi, Primary 6
Tao Nan School
PSLE English: A*

When I was in Primary 6, I rarely scored high marks for my school examinations.

After I joined TWC’s Writing Enrichment programme, my grades for Composition began to improve. The writing skills that I learnt in class helped me significantly in my Continuous Writing. I can now plan essays confidently during my exams.

For someone like me who usually scores 'B's for my English exams, an 'A*' for my PSLE left me astonished. I owe it all to TWC and my teacher who helped me every step of the way!

Alakh Parkhi, Primary 6
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
PSLE English: A*

My son's TWC teacher has been very sweet and kind to Caleb. He enjoys her lessons very much. She provided me with timely feedback on Caleb's behaviour and progress in class. Caleb leaves class smiling after each lesson and is happy in class. Thanks!

Poh Jin, Mother of
Caleb Ching, Kindergarten 2

My son, Cooper, started attending writing classes at The Write Connection in the middle of 2018. The writing programme was recommended by an educational psychologist that my son's school sent him to.


When Cooper first started the programme at The Write Connection, he was struggling to form basic sentences. Recently, Cooper has chosen to write a seventeen-page story for fun at home. We have been very happy to see such a significant amount of progress in Cooper's writing skills. Thank you to all of his teachers for their hard work.

Jessie Lewin, Mother of
Cooper Scarff, Primary 3

Australian International School Singapore

I managed to adopt a better composition structure, and the teachers were very helpful in guiding me through my O-Level journey.

The comprehension topics were very stimulating, and everything in school seemed easy in comparison. Overall, this experience made my O-Level English exam seem breezy and manageable.

Vivian Yee, Secondary 4
CHIJ St Theresa's Convent

It’s wonderful that my daughter has found her “voice” through TWC’s Writing Enrichment programme. Her writing has improved tremendously, and she derives much joy and satisfaction from shaping and telling her own stories. Big thanks to her inspiring and dedicated teachers for making a difference! Thank you!

Linda, Mother of Keira Lee, 

Primary 6
CHIJ Katong (Primary)

PSLE English: A*

I signed my Secondary 1 girl up for classes at TWC when she scored a 'C5' in CA1. She did extremely well for SA2 and pulled the overall to 'A2' in just 8 months. Thank you, TWC!

What was amazing is that when she heard that her younger sister was struggling with her Paper 1, she recommended TWC to us. My younger girl went to check out the programmes and told me it sounded systematic and easy to understand. Thus, we signed her up on the spot. Thank you!

Pearlyn, Mother of
Janin, Secondary 1
Geylang Methodist Secondary School

Joshua has scored 18 out of 20 for his SA2 composition, which is the highest score he has ever received for composition. He obtained 97% overall. This is an excellent score for English Language! We can see that he has improved in his writing and vocabulary.


He enjoys and looks forward to his TWC classes at TWC every week. We wish to thank his TWC teacher for making the lessons so enjoyable while also stretching and challenging the students to give their best. Thanks for being an inspiration to Joshua!

Beng Lor, Father of
Joshua Choo, Primary 3

Catholic High School (Primary)

My son, Jerome has shown significant improvement in his SA1 results and he is visibly more motivated. To be honest, Jerome dreads going for extra lessons and anything extra. But, in these past 3 years that he has been with TWC, despite being tired, we have never heard him resisting or negotiating about going for TWC lessons. Such is the dedication of the teachers and structure of the curriculum by TWC, which has really proven to work in one way or another for this boy slowly but steadily. We hope that he will be able to maintain such results and continue to improve.

We were truly impressed by Jerome’s initiative to write a super lengthy write-up about Climate Change after he got home from the 1st SCOOP (TWC Holiday Programme) session. This is something we have never witnessed before from a child who was super resistant to writing.
Heartfelt gratitude to Jerome’s teacher and the TWC team for the patience and strategies which you have effortlessly deployed to help my son.

Thank you once again to his teacher!

Joanna, Mother of Jerome Goh
Primary 4

St Hilda’s Primary School

En Tong only joined the programme around Jul/Aug (few months from her O-Levels) but she made tremendous improvement under the tutorship of her TWC teacher. She taught En Tong the skills and techniques necessary to handle the English paper. She was patient, reassuring and most of all very encouraging.


Her positive feedback and reinforcement of concepts definitely boosted En Tong’s confidence. She is very inspiring, systematic and organised. En Tong may have the right ingredients to make a perfect dish, but she needs a master chef to perfect the recipe. We found the answer in her TWC teacher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lee WH, Mother of Lee En Tong,
Secondary 4

Nan Hua High School 
O-Level English: A1

I like the different themes in our lessons, and also enjoy the videos shown as they are interesting. With the techniques learnt, I now know how to answer different questions effectively. Editing also seems much simpler.

Leong Zhong Hui Nicholas, Secondary 3

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Before signing up for TWC, our consideration for Alyssa was for her to have an all-rounded English tuition geared towards preparing for PSLE. TWC has provided her with an excellent grasp of English and the curriculum is specially designed to help with her PSLE exam preparation. The mock test covered topics that are similar to a challenging Primary School English exam.


Alyssa's TWC teacher is a dedicated teacher who teaches with a sense of humour. Her teacher also answers our queries promptly. The strong engagement between the teacher and student is important to a holistic learning process. TWC is a tuition centre that stays current with the latest changes in the MOE Syllabus. They deliver lessons with a sense of humour and a deep understanding of how children learn.

Sylvia Leong, Mother of
Alyssa Yeh Xin En, Primary 6
Nan Chiau Primary School

Fun and innovative teaching methods! My daughter has definitely benefitted from her teacher’s patient guidance. She is more confident in expressing her thoughts and penning them down on paper. Both my children look forward to class every week!

Mdm Tin, Parent of
SL and YL
Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Before coming to your classes, Anthony had tuition with different teachers whom people recommended. But he was still always failing English and his grammar and composition was terrible. I was so happy that he passed his English after a few individual sessions with Mrs Barg. After going to the small group, his grades were still improving. I was very happy that he got a 'B' for his PSLE examination. Everyone, including his school teacher, thought he was going to fail English!

Mrs Yeo, Mother of
Anthony, Aged 13

I love that my TWC teacher is clear in his teaching and speaks animatedly so that students won't get bored. Overall, I think he puts his best effort in everything he does! I have learnt to write better in situational writing by using CAP. I like how TWC gives short breaks so that we can freshen up mid-lesson. I have improved from 26-28 to a 31 and my situational writing improved from a 9 to 13 after attending Prep Matters English Tuition.


In my Writing Enrichment classes, I have learnt new techniques to help with my writing and grammar. I love how animated the TWC teachers speak. I have also learnt how to express myself better in writing. My school results increased from a High 'B' last year to an 'A'. Both my TWC teachers are funny and make lessons interesting so that we remain engaged.

Jayden Liew, Primary 6
Kong Hwa School

Kiran’s TWC teacher has been such a wonderful guiding presence in his writing journey. Previously, he dreaded writing and deemed it a chore. Now, my son says that he's going to be an author some day because his teacher has inspired him greatly! He wakes early all by himself at 7am whenever he's tasked with composition assignments by his TWC teacher. He writes his compositions readily, applying all the feedback and input that she has suggested.


We were really not looking forward to the change of teacher as his previous TWC teacher had been so wonderful. It was quite a pleasant surprise that we got lucky twice over as we were blessed with another patient, knowledgeable, and pleasant TWC teacher. She even took extra effort to craft a checklist that was fine-tuned to suit my child's strengths and weaknesses in writing.


My son looks forward to attending his weekly lessons at TWC so much that he always logs in 40 minutes before his lesson begins, waiting to be let into class! Lessons at TWC are always fulfilling for Kiran. Not only do they motivate him to learn English, they have also helped him to gain more confidence in his writing. For parents like me who are weaker in English, I sometimes even trouble his TWC teacher to help Kiran with some problems he faces in his school work. She is always so patient and does not hesitate to help him!


I sincerely thank his TWC teachers for imparting knowledge and sharing joy in my son's learning journey. Thank you for your hard work. Learning has become such a fun-filled and enjoyable experience with you!

Jazreel Wong, Mother of
Kiran C., Primary 3

My son, Darren, has had a lot of health issues and had to miss school constantly. He did not enjoy school and was weak in English and writing. Since he attended classes at your school from P4, he began to show tremendous improvement and interest in his studies. His Principal even mentioned his improvement in an assembly. He became one of the best writers in his cohort and was recognised for his achievement. The time Darren spent in your school has really changed him. We are very happy that he has gone on to study in a prestigious school. Thank you!

Mrs Au, Mother of
Darren, Aged 12

I have learnt many composition writing techniques such as FATS and ARMS. Not only that, but the lessons have also helped me gain more general knowledge. I love my TWC teachers as well as the useful feedback they have provided me with. In the recent Prelim exams, my composition has improved tremendously as compared to my scores in the previous years. Now, I have learnt from my mistakes and become more confident when I attempt my papers.

Tay Yingxi Vincy, Primary 6
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School

I am now able to plan my compositions better before I begin writing. Furthermore, I have learnt a lot of effective methods to boost my language skills. I have also learnt to apply precise words in my stories. Each and every lesson is fun and interesting. Before I joined TWC's Writing Enrichment, I had always been scoring mere passes in my compositions and a low 'A' in English. After joining, my composition grades drastically improved from 20's to 30's. I have also gotten a higher 'A' in English and acquired more depth in general knowledge.

Gerald Phay, Primary 6
Catholic High

Phin Hsien's TWC teacher is very engaging. His lessons have piqued my son’s interest in attending writing classes. His method of teaching is very interesting and effective in helping my son to improve quickly. His commitment to replying to my queries as well as his personal touch gives me the feeling that my son is in good hands.

Ng Ti Koon, Father of

Ng Phin Hsien, Primary 6

Maris Stella High School

I love the teachers at TWC as they are fun. I have learnt many tips and ways to write my composition. I have also learnt new vocabulary here at TWC. From 26/40, my marks have improved to 33/40, solely due to what I've learnt at TWC.

Sachin Dineshraja, Primary 6

Xingnan Primary School

One of the biggest bonuses at TWC [for Jonah] is his teacher. She is sufficiently strict and nurturing at the same time. She engages her students and sparks their passion for learning. It is not easy to manage a class with such young children but she does it with much patience and kindness. This is impressive for a teacher as young as her. Not only is she committed to delivering a complete lesson, she is also dedicated to ensuring that her students progress in their learning. We are grateful to Jonah’s TWC teacher for helping our child develop a love for the English Language.

Geraldine Koh, Mother of

Jonah Lee Hung Yik, Primary 2
Catholic High School

After attending TWC, my daughter's English and English Composition grades have improved significantly. She also attended the Write Away course during the school holidays. As a result, she has started to enjoy writing and looks forward to attending classes every week. We are extremely grateful for the dedicated teachers in TWC. Special thanks to her TWC teacher for her guidance, patience and passion for teaching!

Karen D. Choo, Mother of
Alexis V. Choo, Primary 6
Singapore Chinese Girls' School

This enrichment programme has helped me to improve in my writing by leaps and bounds. Classes conducted by my TWC teacher are very engaging. I learn something new in each lesson, making every session very fruitful. I have learnt lots of useful vocabulary that can be applied in my compositions. I have also learnt how to go straight to the point in my writing. I have also learnt similes, metaphors, hyperboles, which strengthen the descriptions in my compositions. I enjoy learning English much more than before.

Aden Ang Yu Ze, Primary 6

Mee Toh School

Thanks for the support and encouragement. I can see the progress in Avishi’s performance. It’s been a short time since she joined but she has positive feedback about the class. Avishi looks forward to classes on Saturdays.

Shweta Singh, Mother of

Avishi Singh, Primary 4

Overseas Family School

I can't believe how much Nathan has enjoyed his lesson given that he had to attend extra classes during the holiday break! He came home on the first day and told his younger cousins that they should attend this class taught by his TWC teacher because he enjoyed the lessons so much! For someone who constantly scored a range of 0-2 out of 10 for his weekly school’s spelling, I'm pleasantly surprised at his feedback. I'm very sure all these can be credited to his TWC teacher who made lessons very enjoyable for him. My son even bought a new notebook from Smiggle and told me he will start writing stories every day. Thanks!

Michelle Koh, Mother of

Nathan Tan, Primary 2

St. Joseph's Institution Junior

Audrey's TWC teacher is very engaging. She has great ideas and strategies that provide an understanding of the subject based on her students' behaviour.

My little girl has been struggling with comprehension since she was in P1. She has always been in Band 2 for English and she has been finding comprehension and composition the hardest to do well in exams. We have tried several enrichment classes and tuition teachers to help improve her English Paper 1 and Paper 2 scores, but to no avail.

Ever since she joined TWC, she has strengthened her vocabulary, comprehension and composition skills greatly. She finally managed to score 98% in her English Paper 1 (full marks for comprehension) and 90% in her English Paper 2 after two full semesters with TWC.

Thank you to Audrey's TWC teacher for her dedication and passion!

Nicole Chong, Mother of
Audrey Ngo, Primary 4
Raffles Girls’ Primary School

Sarah was so excited for her next class. She kept saying that her TWC teacher is really patient, kind, nice and passionate. She enjoys lessons so much and is all smiles after her lesson ends. She kept saying many nice things about her TWC teacher.

Honestly, throughout her journey through the many enrichment classes I've sent her to, this is the first time she has mentioned non-stop about how much she enjoys her English lessons. Seriously, it makes a whole lot of difference when a teacher shows their passion, love and compassion towards their students. Even the administration lady was very kind, patient and nice. ⁣

Overall, TWC is the best of all the enrichment centres we have gone to before. I'm so glad to have enrolled Sarah here. Once again thank you for making classes so interesting, fun and engaging.

Zakiah Jaafar, Mother of
Sarah, Primary 6⁣
Admiralty Primary School

I joined TWC with the intention of enhancing my kids' writing skills, and was really pleased when the TWC Toa Payoh branch opened at SAFRA.

My child Meredith is fortunate to be taught by her TWC teacher. My daughter shares with me that she is a very good teacher. Here are some traits Meredith mentioned to support her opinion: engaging, very clear with explanations and inspiring to her, thorough with the content and also marking of essays, and gives constructive feedback in essay comments in a way that young kids can digest and help them improve. Meredith tells me that her TWC teacher makes lessons fun!

I have seen visible improvements in Meredith’s writing. Previously she used continuous run-on sentences, and now she has a couple of mini-masterpieces which she shares with me. I love the way her TWC teacher responds to my child in the weekly journals. She will write one or two more questions to get my child to think further than just writing a piece of work. She has also managed to inspire Meredith to write mini-stories at home on the computer too!

I feel that my child's TWC teacher takes pride in her profession. We can tell from the students’ improvements. Furthermore, I was also surprised to receive email updates from her on Meredith’s progress.

Jud, Mother of Meredith Lim, Primary 2
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

Thank you to my TWC teachers for teaching and guiding me throughout my P6 journey. TWC always plans an amazing lesson packed with videos and exhilarating activities to make it fun and enjoyable for all.

My scores went through the roof due to the helpful notes TWC provides and the wonderful guidance of my teachers. In P5, my grades were at a borderline ‘A’, but immediately after starting tuition in P6 with TWC, I saw improvements to a high ‘A’ and to an ‘A*’ in PSLE!!!

Pujara Vihaan Tarak, Primary 6
Opera Estate Primary School
PSLE English: A*
(Dual Programme Student)

Abella has improved in her school assessment tests since attending classes at TWC in 2018. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to her teacher as well as to the team at TWC for their dedication.

I am glad to see that Abella looks forward to coming to TWC, as she finds the lessons useful and enjoys the themes discussed in class. My family and I would like to thank TWC for nurturing and guiding Abella.

Mr Wah, Father of
Abella Wah, Secondary 3

I learnt how to use critical thinking skills in my work. Especially when it comes to choosing the evidence to use to answer the questions and writing explanations.

Other than that, I also learnt how to write summaries, short stories, and other forms of writing. It’s been pretty helpful in general. I have also made improvements in my vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures.

Tianchen Zhang, Secondary 2,
United World College of South East Asia

The lessons are very interesting and I learnt many techniques for writing such as literary devices.

I have improved in my composition skills and even got Gold for the Commonwealth Essay Competition. I also achieved 9th place in an English essay competition.

Chan Jun Kai Ethan, Primary 6
Kong Hwa School
PSLE English: A*

Wenxuan has been with TWC since K2.... He has improved so much over the years, and most importantly, his love for writing goes beyond TWC's writing assignments. He is enthusiastic about writing travel diary entries and poems on his own. This passion is something invaluable he gained from TWC.

Camellia Nie, Mother of
Zhong Wenxuan, Primary 5

Since attending TWC classes, my daughters’ writing has improved by leaps and bounds. Their vocabulary has expanded, and their compositions are interesting and engaging. They are both enjoying their classes. I would like to say a big “Thank You” to TWC and their teachers!

Mr Yip, Father of
Jia Yi, Kindergarten 2
and Xin Yi, Primary 5

A big thank you to my daughter’s TWC teacher! My daughter scored full marks for her composition in her SA2 this year. It is simply unbelievable! A remarkable achievement!

This year, Kai Xuan scored an overall 97 for her English and attained Top in English in her level.  I was almost in tears when I saw her English results. Every week, Kai Xuan looks forward to going to TWC and thoroughly enjoys every single lesson. She is motivated to do her best because of her teacher’s constant encouragement and support.

Veronica, Mother of
Ong Kai Xuan, Primary 4 
 Fengshan Primary School

During lessons, my TWC teacher ensures that we all understand what is being taught in class. He never fails to make us laugh through his jokes whilst also teaching us new techniques on how to tackle different types of questions each week. I love that class is fun and engaging with many informative worksheets.

I also like the good study environment at TWC. I have improved after joining TWC’s English Tuition programme. From a ‘B’, my grades have gone up to an ‘A’.

Thank you to my TWC teacher for his guidance throughout the term!

Clarence Tay, Primary 6
Maris Stella High School (Primary)
PSLE English: A

I learnt how to write a good composition and apply techniques to score for my comprehension. I also learnt strategies to write summaries. My results have improved from a ‘C6’ to an ‘A1’.

Dilan Haridas, Secondary 2

Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

Timothy has gotten his SA1 results and the improvement in his Paper 1 has been nothing short of miraculous. He was only scoring at most 24-25 for his compos and for this last GEP SA, he actually scored a 34! I would just like to thank Ms Indra for her patience in addressing Timothy's problems in a very workable way and also for her fantastic teaching. I've never imagined that Timothy would be able to express himself as well as he is now, all thanks to Ms Indra. Please let her know that she will be very much missed. Wishing her all the best in her future endeavours.

Catherine Ang-Foo, Mother of Timothy, Primary 6

It was purely by word of mouth that I enrolled my child to TWC. She had benefited greatly from the classes – picking up new words and improving her composition writing. Her grades have improved slightly after attending TWC classes.


My child’s TWC teacher is particularly dedicated to her work, constantly giving encouragement to students and always updating me on Aeryn’s progress. My daughter would often sing praises about how good her TWC teacher is. She has definitely benefited from the lessons here at TWC.


The Customer Service Officer also patiently assisted me with the hybrid lessons during the Circuit Breaker period as I had faced some difficulties in making a firm decision for my children's classes. He was very patient and professional in handling my issues throughout our conversations.


Thank you to the TWC Tampines team for being so professional.

Vernicia, Mother of
Yang Ting Jia Aeryn, Primary 6
Junyuan Primary School

We are thankful for Jared's TWC teacher, especially during the period when physical lessons were replaced by Zoom sessions. Her constant follow-up through email regarding Jared’s weekly submission was a great help. Her patience and guidance helps Jared to stay on his toes during lessons.


My two boys have been with TWC since my elder son was in Primary 4. The reasons why I have enrolled both of my sons for several years is not only because of their rich curriculum, but also because of the TWC teachers' ability to engage their students and enrich their knowledge. My boys always felt that their classes with TWC have helped them in their writing. Jared had attained 31/40 for his last weighted assessment. We hope that Jared will be able to work hard with the constant encouragement and effort from his TWC teacher. Thank you!

Jaslene, Mother of
Jared Kong, Secondary 2
St Andrew's Secondary School

We were so happy that Thao scored an 'A' for her PSLE English. Her best friend who joined the class also scored an 'A' for her PSLE English, even though she was with the class for a short time before PSLE.


Thao joined the Singapore system in Primary 2 and had been struggling with English ever since she arrived. She had many tutors but did not show much improvement. Although she was very good in grammar, she had a lot of issues with writing sentences, comprehension and composition. She started working with Mrs Barg in Primary 4.


After a short time, Thao was able to read and write very well. Thao is studying in a secondary school and is doing very well in her school. She has gained confidence to study without memorising and her improvement in English makes studying other subjects much easier now.


She is one of the top 5 students in her school. We are very eager to start our secondary school lessons with The Write Connection! I am going to put my twin daughters into the pre-school classes to give them a good head start.

Mrs Vu, Mother of
Thu Thao, Aged 13
PSLE English: A

Under his TWC teacher's dedicated guidance, my son’s writing has shown huge improvements this year. 


His TWC teacher is able to accurately identify my son’s strengths, capabilities and weaknesses. She took the initiative to offer feedback and shared her plans on how to help stretch my son’s abilities. He was initially not keen to take on more challenges even though he was capable of meeting them. We had a few of such conversations throughout the year and each time, she would follow through with the plan, which also included some of my feedback.


From struggling with his writing to developing great confidence in his ability, I’m happy to share that my son scored 19/20 for his English composition in the end-of-year examinations – the best result in his class. We are very thankful to have her guide my son. We would also like to thank TWC for the programme. We believe having a committed teacher and the right methodology creates the winning formula for my son’s success.

Ruth Wong, Mother of 

Kenan Tan, Primary 3

Pei Chun Public School

My daughter enjoys her classes at your centre. Initially, I was worried that 2 hours would be too long for her. But after the first class, she and her friends asked if she could attend the class full time! Your teachers care and provide excellent feedback to help my child. I find their marking style very helpful, even though Geraldine is already good in English. Her performance in writing has become consistent and I am not worried about composition anymore. Her marks for composition used to yo-yo but now, she knows how to use the strategies she learnt to score well.

Mrs Tan, Mother of
Geraldine, Aged 8

I like learning new words during my lessons. The comprehension passages are very well-written and I enjoy the way the curriculum has weaved certain strategies into the texts in order to improve our writing. I have learnt good phrases to enhance my compositions. After applying the strategies taught in class, my composition grades have improved.

Tricia Ho Rui, Primary 6
Chongzheng Primary School

I was worried about Yunwen's writing at first. However, I think she has improved in her language and confidence in writing after attending classes at TWC. Her TWC teacher encourages Yunwen a lot, and always provides comprehensive feedback in her marking. TWC’s curriculum cycle is a great help in facilitating improvement.

Erika Yu, Mother of
Wang Yunwen, Primary 6
Tampines North Primary School

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for my son's TWC teacher who has been teaching him the past month.


Wang Xi has been taking English enrichment lessons consistently since the start of the year. However, he was not making much progress with his writing. That was when I found The Write Connection through a Google search.


After four sessions, Wang Xi is now gradually showing interest in writing instead of finding it burdensome. His TWC teacher teaches seriously and is very detail-oriented. She shows that she actually cares for her students.


I would like to thank The Write Connection, with special thanks to Wang Xi's teacher. I highly recommend students who need help in improving their English writing skills to approach The Write Connection.

Xu Ye, Mother of
Wang Xi, Primary 5
Guangyang Primary School

I have made the right decision to send Lester to The Write Connection. Although it is a very short period, he has gained confidence and showed improvement on his writing. I appreciate his teacher’s patience and the encouragement that she has given him.

Mrs Tey, Parent of
Lester, Primary 6
Nanyang Primary School

We are very happy with the experience we have had with TWC over the last two terms. The administrative staff are prompt and patient. They always attended to our concerns and clarified our doubts. Mikayla has picked up good vocabulary words and has had a great learning experience with her TWC teacher. He is very patient and humorous. She enjoys attending his classes and is excited to see him in person.

Wendy Chew, Mother of

Leem Jia En Mikayla

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

I have learnt many similes, metaphors, and different writing techniques. I have become more confident in my English writing. I also love my TWC teacher’s positivity and upbeat humour. My school results for composition have gone from my lowest (22/40) to my highest (40/40). During my practice test at school, I attained 36/40. My writing habits have improved and I have written longer compositions progressively. In terms of writing skills, I have learnt to be more creative and original.

Tan De Ting Trina, Primary 6

CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity

THANK YOU for a truly enriching experience.


We heard great things from other parents about the TWC programmes, but Lucas' experience has indeed exceeded our expectations! The staff are great and the teachers are fantastic! Particularly, Mr Mohamed Saffir who has skillfully opened up Lucas' mind about writing and the English language. He has helped Lucas connect all the dots, and established a strong rapport with my son. Lucas has been really motivated as he no longer sees writing as hard work. Writing is now fun and creative!


Well done and cheers to the The Write Connection!

Diep, Tung, Parent of

Diep, Lucas Chang, Primary 3

UWC South East Asia

Since Kimi has joined TWC, his progress have been immense under Ms Joyce. He has improved in writing and thinking. He also finds writing fun. He is now able to structure his thoughts better and plan his thoughts on paper in an organised manner.

Denis Soudant, Father of

Kimi Soudant, Primary 2

UWC South East Asia

I love the useful notes that TWC provides me with. They have helped me to improve my writing skills. The videos we watch in class make the lessons really interesting too. My TWC teacher is funny and engaging — her way of teaching is extraordinary! My composition has improved from the usual 25 to 30-33 as I have learnt to apply good phrases in my writing. My main paper has also improved as I have learnt to identify clues to help me answer questions.

Chen Xuan Hao Canden, Primary 6 Tao Nan School

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