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Joanna Goh, Mother of Jerome Goh, P4, St Hilda's Primary School

"My son, Jerome has shown significant improvement in his SA1 results and he is visibly more motivated. To be honest, Jerome dreads going for extra lessons and anything extra but in these past 3 years that he has been with TWC, despite being tired, we have never heard him resisting or negotiating about going for TWC lessons. Such is the dedication of the teachers and structure of the curriculum by TWC, which has really proven to work in one way or another for this boy slowly but steadily. We hope that he will be able to maintain such results and continue to improve.


We were truly impressed by Jerome’s initiative to write a super lengthy write-up about Climate Change after he got home from the 1st SCOOP (TWC Holiday Programme) session. This is something we have never witnessed before from a child who was super resistant to writing.  Heartfelt gratitude to Jerome’s teacher and the TWC team for the patience and strategies which you have effortlessly deployed to help my son."

Paat Lee Wei, Mother of Naomi Anne Sugawara, P4, St. Margaret's Primary School

"Thank you doesn’t adequately express our gratitude for the amazing journey of enlightenment till date with my daughter’s teacher. Her ability to immediately connect with Naomi, and the highly engaging and fun ways in which she delivered the carefully curated lessons are truly superior! Her conscientious effort to always be there for Naomi even after lessons, inspires my daughter to persevere in achieving her goals not limited to academic ones. Her positive influence on Naomi has transformed her into a very high-spirited child when it comes to creative writing.


Academically, Naomi has improved tremendously and scored 18/20 in her last SA1. We are very grateful to Naomi’s teacher for her help and dedication! Thank you!"

Wong Xin Yu, P6, 
CHIJ (Katong) Primary

"I have never regretted coming to The Write Connection (TWC). Although I only attended the Writing Enrichment (WE) classes, which focus mainly on honing our Comprehension and Composition skills, I felt that my Oral grades and some components in Paper 2 have improved as well. The WE classes involved cloze passages practices or editing practices at times, which, I think is why the lessons have helped me so much.


Most importantly, my vocabulary range has widened, thus improving my marks in both the Composition and Comprehension sections. With my improved grades, I have regained my confidence in writing and even developed a passion for it! Thank you, TWC!"

Cindy, Mother of
Titus (P4) and Evan (P2)

"I just want to share that my two boys, Titus and Evan, really enjoy going for their English classes at TWC. All credit goes to their teachers who make the classes fun for them.


I would also like to thank the teachers for being so encouraging and detailed in their teaching. I am glad I chose TWC. Writing is no longer a chore for them. Although they still make mistakes, my sons enjoy attending and writing in the classes. I am sure they will improve in time to come. At least I don't have to drag them to their lessons at TWC!"

Mr Gerald Chong, Father of Jonathan, P6

"Please convey my thanks to Katherine for setting up The Write Connection and ensuring the quality of the teachers, and especially those teachers who are able to inspire, guide and help the students. Jonathan has benefited greatly from his lessons at the centre. I never expected he would end up with an "A*"!


Schedule permitting, I hope Jonathan can continue at The Write Connection next year in Secondary 1."

Yvonne, Mother of Gene and Jaye, P3

"Our twin boys enjoyed TWC's June holiday Write Away programme tremendously!


I can feel their enthusiasm after each lesson, as they excitedly fill me in on what they have learnt in class. I am very happy to see them looking forward to attending the next day's lesson. Kudos to their TWC teacher for making each lesson so inspiring for the children!"

Mother of Ethan Sam,
Primary 3 

 "The Write Connection provides my son, Ethan Sam, with detailed comments and feedback for his compositions. It has helped him improve greatly in his writing style, organisation of ideas and story flow.


His comprehension has also made visible improvements as he better understands the passages. The teachers here are extremely engaging and when my son is in class, time seems to fly by for him. Friendly and approachable, the teachers are also strict when necessary." 

Mrs Yeo, Mother of

Anthony, Aged 13

"Before coming to your classes, Anthony had tuition with different teachers whom people recommended. But he was still always failing English and his grammar and composition were terrible.


I was so happy that he passed his English after a few individual sessions with Mrs Barg. After going to the small group, his grades were still improving. I was very happy that he got a “B” for his PSLE examination. Everyone, including his school teacher, thought he was going to fail English!"

Mdm Tin, Mother of

SL and YL (SCGS)

"Fun and innovative teaching method! My daughter has definitely benefited from her teacher’s patient guidance. She is more confident in expressing her thoughts and penning them down on paper. Both my children look forward to class every week!"

Chan Jun Kai Ethan, TWC student, P6, Kong Hwa School

“I joined TWC when I was in Primary 4. Although I was coping fine in writing, I wanted to improve my writing skills and get more practice in composition writing. For the last three years with my teacher, I find her lessons very interesting, and she teaches us a lot of writing techniques. I am proud to say that I got shortlisted from over 500 entries in a national-level writing competition, and was placed top 10 at the finals.


I am very grateful to TWC for giving me confidence and equipping me with good writing techniques!”

Catherine Sin, Mother of Natalie Lio Kai En, P6, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl's School (Primary)

“We enrolled Natalie in TWC slightly more than a year ago as we realised that though she read a lot, she could not put across her ideas in words. The curriculum at TWC has been useful as it teaches writing techniques and the typical structure of continuous writing. In addition, we are extremely grateful to my daughter's teacher, who has been so patient and encouraging towards Natalie. Her teacher's guidance is instrumental in Natalie's progress for this year's SA1 English Paper 1. Her score improved from high 20s to 38.5/40 this mid-year. I wish to express my thanks to her teacher!”

Corey Elliot Yuen Wei Han, P6, PSLE Oral

"My teacher gave detailed explanations, oral tips and ways to answer difficult questions which may arise in the examination. She taught techniques which come in useful for stimulus-based conversation pictures. I learnt to be confident in the examination from the good advice given. She was really engaging, and I appreciate her help immensely! The programme and teacher are excellent, and I would strongly encourage friends and family to sign up for programmes here."

Chung, Mother of Li Cheng, P4

"About two months ago, I approached TWC's front desk to enquire about the courses in TWC. I came across TWC when doing a google search for a centre in the Jurong East area. Initially, I was in doubt as to whether TWC was the right centre for my son. I conveyed the problems that my son faced in his English schoolwork to the customer service personnel at the front desk, and she was very helpful. She showed me the materials and explained in detail the two programmes offered at TWC for primary school students. Following that, I let my son go for the first trial lesson. My son enjoyed the trial lesson so much that he wanted to join the class. Hence, I registered my son, still unsure whether it was the right centre and right teacher for him at that point in time.Today, I am very delighted to announce that I have made the right choice - for the right centre and the right teacher. My son scored a very high mark for his composition during SA1. He agreed that he applied the techniques that he has learned from the class during the exam.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank TWC. Firstly, I must thank the helpful front desk staff who explained to me the different programmes available in detail. Secondly, I would like to thank his TWC teacher for her guidance and patience towards my son. My son is very keen to attend her class every Saturday! I hope my son will continue showing improvement in the areas he is weak in. Thank you!"

Jenny, Mother of Marc Choong, P2

"After a class on bravery, Marc was excited to share what he had learnt with me. I was surprised that my usually reserved son practised what he learnt at TWC and was unafraid to approach the cashier and ask for a bag. He is usually too timid to do something like that.


TWC not only taught him academic skills, but also built up my child's character in the process. I am very happy that my child has benefited from the lesson in this way!"

Rui En, Mother of Shawn Low, Primary 2

"Shortly after joining TWC, my son, Shawn, has improved greatly. He used to be able to only write one to two sentences on his own. Now, he is able to complete an entire composition independently and he is even able to plan on his own.


Thanks to the skills that he has learnt from TWC, Shawn has made such good progress that he no longer has to rewrite his school drafts."

Mrs Lim, Mother of

Jonathan, Aged 15

"My son loves coming to the centre and his work has improved tremendously. My son has attended many tuition classes but has never made much progress. We were very pleased to have chosen your classes.


He scored a few Distinctions at the UNSW competitions which surprised all of us! He has also matured in his communication skills because he is full of confidence now. Your centre has helped him with more than just his English. The teachers are caring and the lessons are fun for the kids. Jonathan now enjoys learning. Thank you!"

Mrs Tey, Parent of Lester, P6, NYPS

"I have made the right decision to send Lester to The Write Connection. Although it is a very short period, he has gained confidence and he has showed improvement in his writing. I appreciate his teacher’s patience and the encouragement that she has given him."

Mrs Tan, Mother of Geraldine, Aged 8

"My daughter enjoys her classes at your centre. Initially, I was worried that 2 hours would be too long for her. But after the first class, she and her friends asked if she could attend the class full time!


Your teachers care and provide excellent feedback to help my child. I find their marking style very helpful, even though Geraldine is already good in English. Her performance in writing has become consistent and I am not worried about composition anymore. Her marks for composition used to yo-yo but now, she knows how to use the strategies she learnt to score well."

Mrs Lee, Mother of Jamie Lee, P2
Ai Tong School

"I would like to commend my daughter’s teacher for her passion in teaching and dedication to students.

She has been teaching my child for the past few months and I have always found her to be a caring and committed teacher, who puts in great effort to help her students make the best of their potential. She is very patient and ensures that her students could grasp and understand the taught concept before moving on. Her marking is very meticulous and she gives very clear and specific comments on how to improve my child’s writing. More importantly, she makes the learning process fun and interesting. My child enjoyed being taught by her teacher, and always shares her positive experiences at TWC with me.

My child’s teacher also makes an effort to give updates and timely feedback to me, and work closely with me despite her busy schedule. I am very grateful to her for the time and care she has given to my child. My child is also motivated to do her best because of her teacher’s constant encouragement and support. Hence, I would like to express my appreciation to my child’s teacher for her dedication and support."

Lily Lim, Mother of Heng Yong Xiang, P5, St Andrew's Junior School

“I appreciate the extra time and effort my son's teacher has put in for him. My son has developed an interest in English. From failing his Composition since P3, he passed his Composition for the first time in the P5 mid-year exam, after just 6 months with his TWC teacher. To my son's teacher, thank you for your great patience with my son!”

Aiman Hakim Reza, P6, PSLE Situational Writing

"I enjoyed the fantastic programme! I learnt more about how to handle situational writing, which made me feel more confident. Thank you for helping me to do better. My teacher was so energetic and kind, and the class was very fun and interesting."

Kelly, Mother of Hannah, P4 

"I am writing to let you know that we're gratified with Hannah's good performance in the school's recent mock exam writing practice, the SA1 Paper 1 composition, and the Paper 2 comprehension. For the two writing practices, she scored 37 and 38 marks out of 40 marks. She also attained the highest band in language use and second highest in content for SA1. 


Many thanks to her TWC teacher's patient teaching, guidance, and constructive feedback. Hannah strives to go through the feedback she receives to improve her second drafts. The stamps and rewards that her teacher incorporates into her class are a motivation and bonus for her."

Mrs Au, Mother of Darren, Aged 12

"My son, Darren, has had a lot of health issues and had to miss school constantly. He did not enjoy school and was weak in English and writing.


Since he attended classes at your school from P4, he began to show tremendous improvement and interest in his studies. His Principal even mentioned his improvement in an assembly. He became one of the best writers in his cohort and was recognised for his achievement. The time Darren spent in your school has really changed him. We are very happy that he has gone on to study in a prestigious school. Thank you!"

Mrs Vu, Mother of Thu Thao, Aged 13

"We were so happy that Thao scored an A for her PSLE English. Her best friend who joined the class also scored an A for her PSLE English, even though she was with the class for a short time before PSLE. Thao joined the Singapore system in Primary 2 and had been struggling with English ever since she arrived. She had many tutors but did not show much improvement. Although she was very good in grammar, she had a lot of issues with writing sentences, comprehension and composition.


She started working with Mrs Barg in Primary 4. After a short time, Thao was able to read and write very well. Thao is studying in a secondary school and is doing very well in her school. She has gained confidence to study without memorising and her improvement in English makes studying other subjects much easier now. She is one of the top 5 students in her school. We are very eager to start our secondary school lessons with The Write Connection! I am going to put my twin daughters into the pre-school classes to give them a good head start."

Mrs Liu, Mother of Jessica, Aged 10

"Jessica was a very shy girl and I used to scold her and compare her grades to her best friend. Mrs Barg noticed Jessica’s low self-esteem and talked to me about it. She always talked to me to check how we were going and gave me some parenting tips to help my daughter.


After one term with Mrs Barg, Jessica scored High Distinction for the UNSW Writing competition and improved tremendously in school. She now loves English and even asked me to subscribe to the newspaper, so she can read! I could never get her to read voluntarily before! My brother sent his two sons to Mrs Barg too and we are all very happy with the change in our children."

Nguyen Nhat Ha, Aged 17

"Thank you, Ms Katherine, so much for all your support both academically and socially during my time in Singapore.


I think I am really lucky to have been taught by such a wonderful teacher as you. I am really grateful to be your student. If it was not for your help, I think I would not have been able to get 2 A1s in both my English and English Literature. My parents are really grateful for your help."

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