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Honour Roll

Congratulations to all TWC students who achieved dream grades in PSLE!


Despite our students' varying starting points, we guide them to achieve their dream grades for the PSLE English paper. Read more about the stories our parents and students have shared on their vast improvements after all their hard work here. It was also a common sight to see students jumping multiple grades after being with us for a short time.


A child's growth and development goes far beyond their grades. We’re equally proud of all our students for putting in their best effort. With the right skills, values and growth mindset instilled in our students, we are confident they will lead enriching and meaningful lives both at school and beyond.

2023 PSLE Honour Roll

2022 PSLE Honour Roll

2021 PSLE Honour Roll

2020 PSLE Honour Roll

2019 PSLE Honour Roll

2018 PSLE Honour Roll

2017 PSLE Honour Roll

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