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About Us

Since 2012, TWC has employed a matchless methodology in teaching English that has earned great respect from both educators and customers. Continual research and development are invested to ensure that our teaching practice supports the growth of our students to become competent English users on the global stage. 

Raising the Bar in Teaching English and Writing

How The Write Connection Started

In 2002, an NTU alumna started the effective writing programme in Sydney, Australia and its success led to the founding of The Write Connection in Singapore in 2012. 


At The Write Connection, we aim to set a high standard in the teaching of English and writing. With many success stories behind us, we strive to lead generations of students to become confident and effective users of the English language. Besides adopting an excellent teaching practice, we are committed to executing the full learning cycle for our students in all our academic courses.

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Respectable Reputation

Exceptional Quality



TWC's Core Values


At TWC, we do everything from our HEART to support students of all learning abilities and backgrounds. Our success is driven by this set of values.

The Write Connection on the News

TWC’s matchless methodology in teaching English and writing to the next generation has been widely recognised since 2012. We also hold great pride in our top-notch service and processes that provide a premium experience for our students and parents. We are honoured to have been featured in the mainstream media for what we do. Below are some examples:


Channel News Asia: Inside Look at Our Pedagogy and Facilities

Watch how the unique TWC pedagogy, comprehensive teaching materials, state-of-the-art facilities and engaging discussions combine to effectively bring out the best in each child here.


Channel 8: Early Adoption of SafeEntry Gateway Devices

TWC was featured on Channel 8 News for our early adoption of the SafeEntry Gateway device for TraceTogether (TT) check-in at our centres, which was part of our efforts in safeguarding our community during the pandemic.

Featured in:

Our Accolades

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