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Jump-start your teaching career with TWC!

Make a difference by becoming a teacher to nurture the next generation. Join our passionate and supportive team today!

Are you passionate about teaching? Do you enjoy working in a supportive environment? Do you seek a fulfilling career to nurture the next generation? If your answer is ‘yes’, we would love to work with you.

TWC values growth and development. Whether you’re new to the teaching career, have years of experience under your belt, or seek flexibility, you are welcome to join us as a TWC teacher. 

Teaching opportunities and career paths at TWC
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Our Teaching Paths

Embark on a fulfilling career with us today!
Choose from one of the paths below (click to find out more):

Full-Time Positions

  • You are new to teaching as a career

  • You are seeking a career change to embark on a fulfilling teaching journey

Full-Time Dual-Weekend Teacher

  • You are seeking opportunities for career progression​

  • You are seeking to immerse yourself in a teaching-rich environment and hone your craft as a teacher

4-Day Work Week Teacher

  • You are seeking opportunities for career progression

  • You are seeking compressed working hours

Adjunct & Part-Time Positions

Flexi-Adjunct Teacher

  • You are seeking the flexibility of charting your customised employment plan 

Part-Time Teaching Position

  • You are seeking reduced work hours commitment

Giving you a TWC Boost


All our teachers receive top-notch training in TWC’s pedagogy and are equipped with TWC classroom experience and knowledge. 


Our teachers are progressively equipped with the right knowledge and skills to face the ever-changing landscape of the education business. Through robust training programmes and weekly Professional Development Meetings (PDM), our teachers are encouraged to sharpen their problem-solving skills, strategise effective solutions for students, and innovative teaching methods to enhance our classroom experience. 


All teachers are strongly supported by our professional and nurturing curriculum team, customer service team, managers and Head Office. With a deep emphasis on growth mindset and scaffolding skills, TWC-trained teachers will cater to diverse learning needs, produce visible results and scale greater heights with their students.

A Sneak Peek into Life at TWC

Why We Love Working in TWC!

Natalie Hong_P3.jpg

A fast-paced environment that provides extensive experience in being flexible and adaptable, TWC is a great place to learn and grow. Here, a warm culture where all team members are given the freedom to pitch ideas is echoed in the lessons. There is never a dull day at TWC, and the same excitement resonates in the classroom every time.


Ms Natalie Hong, Teacher and Curriculum Manager

Bachelor of Arts in English Language
National University of Singapore

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