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Work Life @ TWC

As a dynamic enrichment learning brand in Singapore, TWC is guided by the belief that our employees are the key drivers behind the company’s success and progress.

What We Offer

Competitive Remuneration


Supportive and Growth-Oriented Culture


Professional Development


Opportunities for Career Progression


Enhancing Employees’ Skills and Capabilities

Talent Development 
Programme (TDP)

We focus on identifying the strengths of every employee and providing opportunities for them to hone the necessary leadership qualities, management skills and business acumen.


Through TDP, these skills and competencies will be developed through experiential learning, as well as coaching and mentorship by TWC's management team. Upon successful completion, employees can look forward to being promoted to leadership positions within TWC.

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Weekly Professional Development Meetings

Since 2016, weekly Professional Development Meetings are organised across our centres where team members come together to brainstorm and exchange ideas on lesson delivery methods and effective ways to support our students.


They also engage in discussions of research articles to improve their practices as educators.

Hear from the TWC Family

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