Enhancing Employees’ Skills and Capabilities

Hear from the TWC Family

The Write Connection is a highly dynamic company that is constantly evolving. It has been a fascinating 6 years for me watching TWC grow. The one thing that has remained constant throughout my career here is the nurturing and caring leadership. The company truly cares about the individual's personal growth and development. Working here also means that you never face problems alone. Whenever help is needed, you can always count on your team and your leaders to support you.

This nurturing culture permeates the entire organisation and is also apparent in the way we work with our students. The work we do here is a labour of love.
We do not take the easy way out but we do what is right by the students. It is a refreshing change from other educational organisations in the market and it truly is my privilege to work with a team that pours their heart and soul into their work.

Charlene Chia,
Customer Relationship Manager