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Customer Service Officers

(Full-Time )

The Write Connection is a premier learning centre in Singapore. Our Customer Service Officers (CSOs) are among the best in the industry as we hold them to high standards to deliver premium service to our customers.

Hear From Our Customer Service Team

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Job Description

Work Hours

Full-time employees must work a 5-day week, including a weekend. Your work schedule is pegged to the centre's operation hours and operational needs. As a general rule, you will work the following hours:

  • Weekdays: 12.30pm to 9.30pm (inclusive of one hour's meal break)

  • Saturdays: 8.30am to 6.30pm (inclusive of one hour's meal break)

  • 1 weekday off; 1 rest day 

  • +/- 2-hour meeting per week


Work location may be subject to operational needs. You need to be comfortable with travelling to branches around Singapore.



Sales and Customer Service

  • Explain our courses, education philosophy and pedagogy to potential customers

  • Promote TWC programmes to potential and existing customers

  • Build relationships with our customers

  • Handle various transactions at the front desk

  • Provide excellent, solution-oriented customer service

Administrative Duties

  • Arrange replacement lessons for students, and appointments for parents, Centre Management or teachers

  • Responsible for centre's inventory and simple logistics

  • Other administrative and ad hoc duties, e.g. filing documents


The ideal candidate must:

  • have worked in a fast-paced tuition or enrichment centre for at least 1 year

  • have minimum O levels qualifications

  • be willing to be trained according to TWC ethos and SOPs

  • have good work ethics and be committed to excellence in their role

  • have excellent communication skills in English (spoken and written)

    • to understand customers’ queries and requests

    • to answer enquiries and address detailed questions from customers succinctly

    • to explain our courses, pedagogy and philosophy correctly

  • have a professional demeanour

    • to represent TWC in a professional manner

    • to provide professional customer service to our customers

  • be willing to learn to use Apple computers

  • be tech-savvy 

  • must be able to use email and Microsoft Office suites proficiently, as the candidate will need to

    • use the computer as the primary work tool to help perform their duties efficiently, and be able to use various programmes and pick up new IT skills quickly

    • learn to use our IT system and not be stressed by minor IT glitches

    • be able to use G-Suite tools such as Google Docs and Google Sheets

  • be organised and detail-focused

    • Successful TWC CSOs must have strong organisational skills and be detail-focused to stay on top of our busy activities

  • be independent and solution-oriented, as CSOs must be able to

    • respond efficiently, as TWC advocates strong and quick customer service

    • work independently with integrity

  • be highly reliable, as

    • full-time CSOs are a key part of the centre personnel team

    • regular attendance of work and punctuality are expected

  • be a good team player and fast learner. TWC is a learning organisation who

    • believes firmly in personal growth and teamwork

    • expects employees to have excellent attitude and are looking to develop a career in our company


1) Full-time salary between SGD 2000 - 3000  (before CPF and benefits) per month, depending on experience and qualifications.

2) Only Singaporeans or PRs need to apply.

*Please note: we are looking for long-term employees.

Please send your CV to

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