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Rave Reviews by Customers

We're enjoying the TWC's online live lessons. The comments on the essay writing from the teachers are as detailed as those given during face-to-face classes! If there's an option to continue TWC's online live lessons after the Circuit Breaker, I will still do it for a few more months as we think it's almost the same as attending face-to-face lessons.

Michelle Koh, Mother of Natalie Tan, P5
CHIJ (Katong) Primary

Who should join TWC@Home:


Students who want to master English via the learning of skills, strategies and techniques


International and Singaporean students who want to acquire an exceptional standard of English skills to excel globally.

Why Choose TWC@Home?


Highly effective methods in developing thinking, language and academic skills. 


Highly-qualified and nurturing TWC Teachers who are able to teach our students HOW to excel in their studies.

Access our classes from anywhere in the world.


What We Offer at TWC@Home

Our programmes will equip your child to excel in English academically and beyond. 

Enjoy meaningful “screen-time” with our English or writing lessons!

In the 2 hours, your child will experience TWC’s top-notch lesson optimised for the online learning environment.


Our structured lessons are delivered using interactive tools such as live annotations, videos and stimulating discussions with the teacher and classmates to capture your child’s attention. By bringing lessons to life, we captivate your child’s attention for those 2 hours. Our students have commented that the 2-hour lesson just zoomed by because they had so much fun!

Access matchless methodology with a click of a mouse

TWC employs a matchless teaching methodology proven by research, backed by experience, and guided by passion. Our unique scaffolding guidance sharpens your child’s thinking process and encourages them to interact with their learning materials in depth. With interactive and purposeful questioning by TWC teachers, your child will master critical thinking skills and develop into an independent thinker.

Top-notch curriculum, stellar results

Our curriculum is created and edited by a team of ex-MOE teachers, vetted by an Oxford-graduated editor and highly-qualified writers. Your child will be guided through TWC’s systematic learning cycles, carefully designed to produce visible and sustained results. Through regular reinforcement of language and thinking skills, strategies and techniques, your child will be well prepared to excel in school and beyond.

First-rate TWC English and writing teachers

Our TWC teachers are hired through a stringent selection process and are at least NIE-trained or degree-holders from reputable universities. They have also undergone comprehensive in-house training to ensure that they are able to deliver a premium learning experience for your child.

Proprietary marking system and TWC Marking Framework™

The first of its kind in the writing enrichment industry, TWC has a proprietary marking system that upholds our excellent standards in marking and teaching. Curated teaching tips are accessible to all teachers to facilitate quick improvement in students. Our TWC Marking Framework™ allows our teachers to access a variety of solutions to help diverse learners in our writing programmes (Writing Enrichment and Critical Reading and Writing programmes). TWC-style individualised feedback is then provided to facilitate rapid improvements in your child’s scores.

Safeguarding our online learning environment

Ensuring the safety of your child online is of utmost importance to us. TWC has taken up a paid Zoom plan and put in place various security features such as centralised security settings, unique meeting links and passwords, waiting room and locked access for guests. Our teachers are well-versed to navigate the platform with these safety precautions in mind.

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Please let us know if you would like to join our classroom lessons when the suspension of our business is lifted.

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