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A Flash Flood

A Flash Flood, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Next up, we have the top hits from Taylor Swift!” the overly excited voice of the local DJ resounded in my car. Just the thing I need to listen to when I was stuck in a traffic jam. Cars were lined bumper to bumper. The road ahead of me looked like a game of Tetris, with cars squeezing into any available slot. Upon gazing outside, the view of a gunmetal sky filled with ominous clouds greeted me.

“Boom!” the thunder roared and the heavens unleashed its load. Rain battered against my window. I turned my window wipers to full speed. The windshield wipers battled the relentless raindrops. Despite their valiant effort, the wipers were not able to defeat the unyielding rain and my vision was heavily shrouded.

Because of this, I had no idea what hit me before it was too late. My car jerked to a stop as if it had an instinct of its own. Squinting between each wave of the wiper, I made out a huge puddle of water right before me. Despite knowing that crossing the flood might hurt my engine, I still went ahead. Inching my car forward, I crossed the puddle with my heart in my mouth. As if mocking my efforts, the water level rose alarmingly. Just then, a cough sounded from my engine. Stepping on the accelerator, I attempted to speed through the water. My car just would not cooperate. I tried again and again, but it would not work.

I frantically searched for my phone and dialled for the tow company. I waited in my car as it was still raining. By the time the tow truck arrived, there was a cacophony of horns behind me.

Although the incident was inevitable, I was glad that nothing too serious had happened. I was glad to be safe.


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