" Learning to read, write, and speak English fluently is one of the most important endeavours in an ever-changing, competitive world."

Critical Reading & Writing™

2 Hours; Secondary 1- 4

Suitable for Secondary School students, this course aims to stretch your child’s ability to think outside the box and develop critical thinking skills. Nowadays, with increased emphasis being placed on students expressing independent thoughts on current affairs and real-world situations, this programme will ensure your child comfortably meets the demands that are likely to be placed on future leaders.


A plethora of stimulating and engaging materials has been created by our curriculum specialists to introduce general knowledge topics and current affairs to our students. Our three-week learning cycle ensures that your child is conversant with the topics introduced in class. Through thematic-based learning, your child will be able to map the content knowledge of different topics and apply it effectively in essays.

This curriculum structure also ensures that your child can better manage and adjust to the demands of the English Language paper at the Secondary level.


(Formatted to GCE O-Level Examination)


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