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Critical Reading & Writing™

Secondary 1-4 (2 Hours / Lesson)

Stretch your teen’s ability to think outside the box and develop critical thinking skills at the secondary school level. This programme guides your teen to evolve into skilled, passionate learners who convey their ideas on current affairs and real-world situations with clarity and purpose.

Achieve a Breakthrough in Grades and Confidence

Why Choose Us?

Confidence in Discussing Current Affairs and Real-World Situations

Apply Content Knowledge Effectively in Essays and Oral Communications

Master Strategies to Tackle All Components of the English O-Level Exam Paper

Benefit from Structured Curriculum to Excel in the English Language Paper

Receive Specific and Personalised Feedback for Rapid Improvement

Key Learning Strategies


  • ​Acquire fundamental skills, strategies and techniques to generate critical and appropriate responses to Narrative and Non-Narrative passage types.

  • Sharpen analytical and metacognitive skills through Passage Analysis to understand the expectations required of different Comprehension question types.



  • Develop and strengthen strategies, skills and techniques for different genres of writing. 

  • Receive individualised feedback from teacher on essay responses to diagnose learning gaps and develop effective solutions.

  • Expand vocabulary repertoire and build confidence in essay responses through discussions covering various topics.


  • Master language skills to ensure accuracy in applying language conventions.

  • Develop proficiency in using English at an advanced level to read, write, speak and excel in school and life.


Learning is embedded in our DNA

We empower your teen to be:

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A Globally Attuned Individual

With general knowledge and current affairs integrated into our curriculum, your teen will be attuned to important global issues.


Being well-versed in a multitude of topics across cultures, they will be confident to hold mature discussions on sophisticated matters from various perspectives.

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An Effective Communicator

The advanced oral and writing skills taught will serve your teen well throughout their tertiary education and into their professional lives.

The masterful use of language will not only be a vehicle for your teen's ideas, but will also give them an edge in impressing and influencing their audience.

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A Critical and Independent Thinker

As a critical thinker, your teen will be able to reflect on their learning process through higher-order thinking skills. These skills also help them to ask pertinent questions to form their own independent views, while respecting diverse perspectives.


Through critical thinking, your teen will also be able to express their insightful opinions effectively and present their views rationally.

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A Resilient Individual

We equip your teen with the capability to overcome obstacles in their studies, as well as to analyse problems and devise solutions logically.


This builds your teen into a resilient and solution-oriented person, ready to embrace challenges in school and beyond fearlessly.

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from my TWC lessons. The use of class discussion is very effective. My teacher ensures that every one of us in her class has a chance to speak up and state our points. She informs us of the topic we will be doing one week beforehand to allow us to do some background research before we go for the next lesson. She is also able to control the class very well and that makes the learning environment very conducive.


I have seen a huge improvement in my vocabulary and writing skills within a year! I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve a consistent 'A' for my English this year if I hadn’t come to TWC.

Bryan Koh, Secondary 2 
Hwa Chong Institution

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