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About TWC@Home Zoom Lessons

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1. When will Zoom lessons be available?

TWC@Home has been available since May 2020 onwards, as an ongoing option for our local and international students.

2. How do I prepare my child for their Zoom lessons?

To help you and your child get ready for their Zoom lessons easily, we’ve prepared a downloadable checklist for you here. Please find more details on getting your child ready for Zoom on this page.

3. How much are the Zoom lessons?

Zoom lesson fees will be the same as fees for our regular programmes.

4. What about security issues associated with Zoom?

Ensuring the safety of your child online is of utmost importance to us. Since May 2020, TWC has taken up a paid Zoom plan and put in place various security features in accordance with MOE’s publicised protocols. These features include centralised security settings, unique meeting links and passwords, waiting room and locked access for guests. Our teachers have been trained to navigate the platform with these safety precautions in mind.


How parents can help us to keep the lessons safe:

  • Do not share links and passwords with others.

  • Upon accessing the Zoom lesson, change the user name to your child’s Full Name so our teacher will let him or her in.

5. Will my child have homework?

The only homework your child will have is to complete a journal entry. Journaling is an extremely useful tool as:

  • It helps your child to train work on getting an authentic voice. 

  • It gives your child a chance to write freely.

  • It allows our teacher to get to know your child better

The journal will not be marked for spelling or grammar. Instead, our teachers will communicate with your child through comments in response to your child’s entry.

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Worksheets and Homework Submission

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1. How will my child’s work be marked?

Just like our regular physical classes, your child’s Zoom class teacher will be marking your child’s work.


2. How do I submit my child’s worksheets and writing assignments?

Homework submission can be done by scanning or taking clear photos of your child’s worksheets and writing assignments, and sending them via a link on TWC@Home. 


To take clear photos of your child’s work, here are some free mobile apps you can make use of: Camscanner, Scanner for me, Scanner App, Genius Scan and ScanGuru.


These recommended apps will allow you to turn the photos of your child’s work into clear scans. This helps our teachers to read the scripts efficiently, and provide targeted feedback to your child. As such, your child’s marking will also be returned promptly.


Please click on the links below for a step-by-step guide on how to:


3. I do not have a printer. Can I have worksheets sent or couriered to my home?

Kindly speak to our Customer Service Officer and they would be able to assist you with alternatives. Soft copies of worksheets will be available on TWC@Home (for international students).


4. Can I have all worksheets for the coming term emailed to me?

TWC has one of the biggest and most qualified in-house curriculum teams in the English enrichment industry. We do not use the same sets of learning or teaching materials repeatedly over the years — our curriculum specialists update and revise our teaching materials regularly. All our worksheets are reviewed before being sent for printing to ensure that the content and teaching approach are current. As such, our worksheets are printed only 2-3 weeks before the actual lessons by an external vendor, which explains why we are unable to provide the whole term’s worksheets at one go. This is also why we are unable to produce booklet form during the circuit breaker. 


5. How can my child still learn effectively without printed worksheets?

Here are some alternative ways suggested for your child to learn without printed worksheets:

  • Follow the teacher’s teaching and take down notes. Answers can be written on foolscap paper/ blank sheets of paper.

  • If you have an additional device available, you may download the lesson on the second device and refer to it while the teacher is teaching. The answers can be written down on your device or on a writing pad if it is easier for you.

  • Here are some free apps your child may use to annotate over the PDF worksheets:

    • Mac Users: Preview (MacBook)

    • Windows Users: Adobe Acrobat DC, DocHub, Foxit Reader

Technical Troubleshooting

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1. My child is experiencing connectivity issues. How do I rectify this?

Here are some steps to help you check for connectivity issues:

  • Ensure that you are streaming from Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • Check your internet connection and make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. 

  • In the event you experience service disruption due to a telco issue, please feel free to contact us for a make-up lesson. 


2. The lesson audio is unclear / there is an echo.

We highly recommend that your child use earphones/ headphones for the best experience. 


3. I cannot find the make-up lesson link to my child’s make-up lesson.

It may be in your spam or junk mail folder. If you’re still unable to find it, please give us a call and we will be glad to assist you. 

4. I can’t log into the Zoom lesson / the link is not working. How do I get help?

Our friendly CSOs will be ready to assist you. Please give us a call at our centre hotlines and provide us with the following information:

  • Centre your child attends

  • Child’s Level, Programme and Class Time

  • Child’s Name


5. I do not have a scanner at home. How do I submit my child’s work?

Please refer to this page for a list of recommended mobile apps, as well as the steps for easy submission of your child’s work.

Admin Matters

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1. What if my child missed a Zoom lesson?

If your child missed a lesson, he or she can always arrange for a make-up lesson in another available slot within the same week. For e-learning, there are a lot more choices for alternative slots. Alternatively, please approach our Customer Service Officers and we are always happy to work out a viable solution for you wherever possible.

2. When will physical classes resume?

Physical classes are available during regular times, but in light of the current restrictions due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, physical classes will be affected due to prevailing government guidelines.

3. Can I drop off my child’s completed work at my TWC centre for the teachers to mark?

Completed worksheets may be dropped off at TWC centres for the teachers to mark during regular times, but may not be possible if there are government restrictions that make it impossible for our team to go back to centres.​

4. Can I pay by credit card during this period?

You may pay by credit card. However, please do note that in light of the current government restrictions, our centres have reduced opening hours. Alternatively, payment can be made securely and conveniently via PayNow or Online Bank Transfer. You may reach out to our Customer Service Officers, who will guide you on these payment methods.

International Students

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1. Can my child join your programmes if I live in Melbourne?

Yes, your child can definitely join us via TWC@Home! Please note that the timings listed in our timetables are Singapore time, so do take into consideration the time differences when you are choosing a class. 


2. I live in Kuala Lumpur, and I would like to form an online class for my son and his friends who are in the same international school. Is it possible to do so?

Yes, please email us to let us know what time-slot you are looking at. We can start the class at a mutually-agreed time-slot (subject to teacher availability) if there are 5 students ready to enrol for the term. Please note that the maximum capacity of the class will be 10-12, and students in the same time-slot could be from different parts of the world.


3. I know your classes have a maximum of 10-12 students, but I would like to have a special online class capped at 3 students. Is it possible?

Yes, if you book the 2-hour slot for $600. However, we would only run the class if all 3 children are of the same school age or similar in abilities because this ensures that the right set of curriculum is used for the benefit of the learners. 


4. My daughter is in Grade 3 in a public school in Perth. Should I choose a Primary 3 class?

Yes, if you are from Australia or an international school, we will recommend that you choose the corresponding grade level. 


5. I live in Bangkok and my child is very good in English. However, I do not know what course I should choose for her. 

Please give us a call, so that we can understand your child’s learning needs and recommend the best course for your child. 


6. Can I pay online?

We can only accept online transfer right now. We will endeavour to provide an option for online payment as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. 


7. How do I communicate with my child’s teacher to talk about his progress?

You are welcome to email your child’s teacher anytime. You can also set up an appointment to communicate with your child’s teacher via Zoom. 


8. Would my son’s work be marked by the teacher?

Yes, even though your child is not residing in Singapore, he will still be required to hand in his work after the lesson electronically. We believe that targeted feedback on his work is critical to his learning journey. Marking by our teachers will be done electronically and returned in 2 weeks. Detailed instructions on homework submission can be found here.

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