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A Boat Trip

A Boat Trip, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Whee whee!” I whistled. It was in the wee hours of the morning. The gentle wind caressed my face. It was Saturday and I was fishing with my fellow fishmonger friends. The fishing vessel rocked gently in the placid waters. I was sitting on a chair beside the railings, waiting patiently for a fish to take the bait. Time passed with no activity, and soon, I drifted off into a daze.

Crunch! A violent tug on my fishing rod jolted me from my daydream. Immediately, I tried to reel in the fishing line with all my might, but to no avail; the fish was practically an anvil and refused to budge. I was dragged from left to right violently, as I held on tightly to the fishing rod. That was when disaster struck.

Before I knew it, I was inching closer and closer towards the edge of the boat. I lost my balance and fell overboard into the freezing waters. My eyes widened in horror, my jaw dropped and fear gripped me like an icy-cold hand. I flailed my arms about wildly, kicking continuously in the water as I desperately struggled to gasp for air. Water filled my lungs and I began to sink deeper into the lake. “No!” I screamed inwardly. “I am too young to die!” Just as the menacing thoughts of my impending demise permeated my mind, I saw a vermillion flash amidst the dark sea waters. A glimmer of hope flickered in my mind. Doggy-paddling towards the orange object, I realised that it was a lifebuoy. With immense effort, I grasped onto the lifebuoy and struggled to stay afloat. I was then slowly pulled back towards the boat with a rope that was hoisted by my fellow fishmongers.

When I was hauled back onto the boat, my fishmonger friends watched with bated breath as the captain stalked towards me. They winced as he started ranting at me harshly for not having paid attention while fishing, thus wasting a good bait and letting the catch escape. I bowed my head in shame but thanked my lucky stars that I was still alive. From that day onwards, I vowed to always be alert when on a boat trip. Lady Luck might not be on my side the next time.


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