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A Family Holiday

A Family Holiday, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Wow! They are massive!” I marvelled in awe. During the June holidays, my family and I were visiting Egypt. We were squinting at the pyramids as the sun shone brightly. Sweat was trickling down my face as we walked. The giant, golden, stone mountains were towering against the blue backdrop of the cloudless sky. I could even see some camels roaming around the barren desert. The tour guide was droning on and on about the history of the pyramids, but I was more interested to see how the pyramids were built. I had high hopes that I would discover something interesting when I saw them up close in real life.

The tour guide then introduced us to a tanned Egyptian man. He was wearing a turban and offered me a camel ride. Behind the man stood a towering, shaggy, long-lashed camel. It was intimidating as much as it was majestic. I took a step back, hesitating about the camel ride. My heart started to race as possibilities of falling flashed in my mind. I was apprehensive and my face scrunched up in fear.

My parents encouraged me to do it as it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I decided to be a good sport so I climbed onto the camel, feeling scared. My mother asked me to look ahead so I tried to be brave and faced forward. I was holding my mother’s hand tightly as the camel started to walk. Within a few steps, I got used to the camel’s pace and gait. It was not too fast and I was able to have a better view of the majestic pyramids. Before I knew it, I had let go of my mother’s hand and was enjoying the view, the wind blowing in my face. It was exhilarating!

In the end, I enjoyed the ride. It was not as scary as I thought it would be at first. It was a great adventure and very exciting. I felt proud of overcoming my fear of riding camels. Hopefully, I will do it again in the future.


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