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Owning Up

Owning Up, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Pass me the ball!” I shrieked to my sister, Adele. Our parents were at the shopping centre buying supplies for Chinese New Year. We were at home alone, and I had the responsibility of taking care of my sister. Bored to tears, we tossed a ball to each other in the living room. “Even further?” I asked. The ball soared over my sister’s head. Crash! Mother’s priceless glass sculpture shattered into a million pieces! Just then, I heard the bell ring and the rattling sound of keys. Mother and Father had come back! A chill ran down my spine. I hoped that they would not see this. When they came into the house, I gulped. I could almost see hot steam shooting out of their noses. I knew that I had to face the music. I hung my head low and apologised. Arms akimbo, my parents were still angry at me and they banned me from watching television for a week. From that day onwards, I learnt to be more careful in the future.


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