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An Incident I regretted

An Incident I regretted, TWC Student's Composition, model composition

Staring enviously at my sister’s new puffy dress, I whined, “Why do you always get the best stuff?” “Too bad!” My older sister, Justine, retorted, sticking her tongue out at me. I raised my clenched fist in midair and gritted my teeth. An evil idea suddenly flashed through my head. I chuckled maliciously and stormed off to my room.

Plonking myself heavily onto my chair, I yanked open my drawer and started rummaging through it. Finally, I spotted the metal blades jutting out from under a book. I pulled them out quickly and crept out of my room. Flattening myself against the wall, I edged cautiously towards Justine’s room. 

I opened Justine’s cupboard and began to rifle through her clothes. There it is! Clutching her new dress, I whipped out the scissors I had carried with me. Snip, snip, snip … the blades of the scissors opened and closed like the angry jaws of a lion on her dress. Although I knew it was not the right thing to do, I was completely overwhelmed by anger and continued snipping. Before I knew it, I had cut a large gaping hole in her dress. With a smug look on my face, I grabbed the damaged dress and stomped down the stairs triumphantly. 

“How do you like your new dress now, Sis?” I asked mockingly as I held the dress up to her. My sister’s eyes grew twice its size and her gaze blazed with fury. “How dare you!” she roared, her hand raised ready to strike.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. We rushed to the door just as Mother staggered into the house, a large brown box wedged under her arm. “What is that?” we asked in unison. “A dress for you!” Mother chirped. “They didn’t have your size when I got your sister’s, so I decided to go back to get yours today.” I gasped in shock. My face flushed crimson red as I realised that I had been jealous over nothing. I apologised profusely, regretting my actions. However, my sister would only glare coldly back at me.

Witnessing my mother patiently mending my sister’s dress, my heart continued to be gripped by shame and remorse. That day, I vowed never to let my anger and jealousy get the better of me again.


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