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An Incident I Regretted

“Want to come over to my house after school?” my best friend, James, invited me during break time. I mumbled a 'yes', as I knew I could not disagree with him. Throughout the day, I stared furiously at my exam results. I had scored a mere 62, while James had achieved a whopping 95 for Science! Green with envy, I maintained a resentful silence while avoiding my buddy whenever possible.

After school, we strolled silently to James’ apartment. When we reached, his phone suddenly rang. As he excused himself to answer the call, I spotted a thick, red book on his bedroom desk. Immediately, an evil plan hatched in my mind and I rubbed my hands together in vengeful anticipation. Creeping over to his desk, I snatched up the book titled ‘Primary 4, All Science Notes and Tips. Score an A!’. Instantly, I tore the book into a dozen pieces. Printed pages floated around like confetti, as I mollified the green monster inside me.

“Take that.. And that!” I hissed fiercely under my breath, tearing the last few pages and dumping the remains in the dustbin. Suddenly, I heard the door open behind me. I turned around in horror and stared at my innocent friend.

“Oh, hi Pete! Are you looking at my new desk?” he asked cheerfully. “I can lend you my Science notes. I have another copy from my aunt.” Before I could stop him, he was already searching around his table for it. I stood rooted to the ground, my mouth agape. What had I just done? Out of jealousy, I had maliciously destroyed a precious resource. Instead of feeling proud and happy for my bosom buddy's commendable achievement, I had let my competitiveness reign over me. At that moment, a wave of insurmountable remorse engulfed my heart, riddling me with guilt. When I came to my senses, I apologised sheepishly to him and admitted my vindictive fit of pique.

“Well… I deserve it as I was so horrible to you,” I finished, hanging my head in shame and guilt, with tears welling up in my eyes. Fidgeting awkwardly, I could feel my face burn with remorse. To my utter surprise, he gently uttered, "It's okay, Pete. I should have been more sensitive about your feelings and offered to help you earlier on. Shall we share the other book I own? We can study together." With a warm and benevolent smile, he forgave me just like that. He did not even warn me not to do it again! I could not believe my ears. Along with gratitude, I was even more ashamed of my regrettable actions. While I knew I was fortunate to have a forgiving friend, I wished the knot in my heart would soon vanish.


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