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“Come on, you can do it,” I thought to myself. It was a Sunday afternoon. I was taking part in the Boston Marathon and there was still another five kilometers to go. Panting uncontrollably, I plodded on, my legs feeling like jelly. The weather was scorching hot as the sun shone down on us, and my skin felt like it was on fire as every second went by. Sweat slowly trickled down my cheeks and body as my heart palpitated like a drum. My clothes were completely drenched in perspiration by then.

After a while, I spotted a distance marker which indicated that there was only one kilometer more. “Only one kilometer left, push yourself!” I thought to myself, more motivated than ever. Mustering all my strength, I started to sprint at the speed of light, wanting to just get this race over and done with and break the record that I had clocked last year. However, my stubborn body simply refused to listen to me as the heat was just too unbearable. A heat mirage could be spotted in the distance. I could see that other runners were also feeling just as tired as me.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted someone familiar. It was Tom, my nemesis. However, he was not the Tom that I knew. His face was as pale as a sheet. Panting more heavily than the rest of us, he looked like he was going to collapse at any moment. He was so drenched in sweat that he looked like he had just taken a shower. Concerned, I began to approach him. Just then, his legs gave way and he collapsed due to fatigue. I was in a dilemma. Should I help him up or just leave him? Just as I was about to leave him, a voice in my head urged me, “Help him.” I knew that I could not, in good conscience, abandon him and continue.

As quick as light, I dashed to him. “Are you okay Tom? Do you want to complete the race together?” I asked gently. Tom opened his mouth so big that he could eat the universe. He was in utter shock. However, he still nodded his head and thanked me profusely. I then used the last remnants of my strength to sling his arm over my shoulder. After that, I trudged to the finish line with Tom leaning his head on my shoulder. When we reached the finishing line, he thanked me again for my kind act before heading off with the paramedics.

Elated after helping Tom, I vowed to always display sportsmanship in all my future sporting events. I also learnt that when one displays sportsmanship, he or she is a better athlete as they not only care about winning, but are also respectful and kind towards others when doing so, which are the qualities of a true sportsperson.


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