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The Bully

“Ring!” The shrill sound of the recess bell pierced my ears. Everyone immediately dropped their stationery onto their worksheets and scrambled out of the classroom. Finally, the break from the mundane routine of studying we had all been waiting for! I left my stationery scattered on my desk and rushed out of the classroom.

I sprinted to the bookshop, my mind fixated on only one thing: the last leather notebook in stock. This item was precious to me. I adored leather notebooks as they were classy and very few come in my favourite colour - black. Best of all, the price was cheaper than the ones in the local bookstore. My nerves were soothed when I confirmed the notebook was still in stock.

As soon as I purchased it, however, a deafening shout rang out, “Look out, Terrible Tina is here!” Immediately, I swivelled my head around so quickly that my neck cricked. Terrible Tina was the biggest bully in school. For some unknown reason, I had somehow become one of her favourite targets and she relished in making my life a living nightmare. “Oh no,” I gasped urgently.

Without wasting any time, I grabbed my notebook and bolted to the nearest girl’s toilet. Unfortunately, the bathroom was under cleaning! Before I could find another hiding spot, a voice behind me sneered, “There you are, you little pest!” My heart pounded against my ribcage as I turned to look into the eyes of the scariest person I had ever known.

In one swift move, Terrible Tina managed to wrestle my precious leather notebook away from me while her clique grabbed my arms and pinned me against the wall! Coldly and menacingly, Terrible Tina scanned through the notebook and snorted derisively. “You will not be needing this. This is not even interesting. What are you gonna write anyway?” she scoffed, waving the notebook tauntingly in my face. Fury seethed through me at her insult.

Just as I was about to curse at her, she opened the book and roughly tore away five pages at one go! My mouth gaped open in shock, as tears trickled down my cheeks while I witnessed notebook being brutally murdered and torn apart. However, with her cronies holding fast onto me, there was nothing I could do to fight back.

The bell signalling the end of recess rang. Terrible Tina and her clique finally sauntered away. I crumpled to the ground, tears falling fast onto the pieces of paper that lay before me.

My sadness morphed into rage as I swore revenge on Tina. Like the saying goes, “Every dog has its day.” I will get back at her eventually.


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