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How to Make the Most of CNY with Your Family ㊗

Make the Most of CNY

- Happy Lunar New Year from The Write Connection team!

Celebrate Gratitude and Good Fortune This Year

Find out how a grateful mindset can benefit your child

More studies are showing that gratitude is a pathway to success and happiness. Encouraging appreciation for what you have is a great step in helping your child recognise the comforts of life. As parents, we want to inspire our child’s attitudes and help them realise their potential, and gratitude as a way of life is a powerful tool to help us do so.

So how does gratitude enrich our children?

3 Benefits of Practising Gratitude

Practising Gratitude, TWC Parenting Tips

1. Build Resilience

Our ability to bounce back from adversity is essential for our well-being. Gratitude allows your child to gain a better perspective from failure. Appreciating lessons from failure enables your child to develop a strong love for learning and problem-solving.

2. Improve Self-Confidence

Good Vibes Only (#GVO) isn’t just a social trend. It’s what you exude when you live in a state of gratitude. When your child radiates positive vibes, he/she will enjoy an increase in self-esteem, empathy, and optimism. With a satisfied life, your child will find it easier to build genuine relationships in school. A more positive attitude also encourages your child to appreciate what’s been given to them instead of obsessing over their desires.

3. Cultivating Self-Awareness

It’s important for your child to recognise that the items they own, and the opportunities that have been given to them, all come from someone other than themselves. By developing an understanding of how interdependent we are, your child will be more inclined to respect their community, the environment, and their family members.

3 Ways to Teach Your Child Gratitude:

Teaching Gratitude, TWC Parenting Tips

​​1. Be a Grateful Parent

Extending a gesture of gratitude to your child could spur them to express gratitude to their family members, friends, and the people around them.

Start with the small things they do! For example, when your child clears his/her plate after a meal, thank them for doing so.

2. Teach Them the Value of Saving

Of course, we want to give our kids the very best we can. When kids take the time to save up for what they want, they gain a sense of ownership in their own purchases, and would have a better understanding of working towards what they want.

If there is an item your child wants, help them to budget towards their goal and save for it.

3. Encourage Them to Give Back

Helping someone in need is a great way to help your child connect with the concept of gratitude. Whether it’s volunteering at a church or visiting a relative who is unwell, your child is less likely to take health and wealth for granted.

Family outing in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay


Places to visit as a family this Lunar New Year

  • Enjoy a pleasant respite from the city bustle - Dahlia Dreams at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

  • Soak up the festive atmosphere - River Hong Bao 2018

  • Unwind at the state of fun – FUN-Tastic Fortune, Sentosa


Upgrade your child's learning space before Term 2

A refreshed and conducive workspace can improve your child’s learning concentration and keep them motivated.


Brighten up their learning environment.

desk organisation ideas, bright


Show you care and appreciate their willingness to learn with words of encouragement.

desk organisation idea, studious


Keep them calm and focused with neutral tones and organised compartments.

Desk organisation ideas, spontaneous



Chinese New Year Promotions, TWC

Seize this golden opportunity. Share your experience with your friends and family!

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Hurry, take advantage of this offer and share the good news with your dear ones during this festive season.

For more information, please call 6920 7511 (Bedok) or 6920 8611 (Tampines).



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