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Writing Enrichment™ 

Primary 1-6 (2 Hours / Lesson)

Achieve exceptional results in English and Writing with our Writing Enrichment programme. Our effective and unique methodology in the teaching of writing has gained recognition from fans all over the world since this program was run in Sydney by our Founder in 2002. 

Since 2012, our students in Singapore have gained a competitive edge with this MOE-aligned curriculum.

Evolve into an Exceptional Writer

Why Choose Us?

World-Class Writing Pedagogy and Curriculum

An Excellent Track Record of Proven Results both in Singapore and Overseas

Highly Qualified Teams to Support Your Child’s Learning

A Growth Mindset That Will Benefit Your Child for a Lifetime

TWC's systematic writing programme focuses on:

Excellent Language and Writing Skills, Strategies and Techniques


Analyse and read like a writer through our mentor texts and language exercises.

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General Knowledge and Current Affairs


Leverage on this crucial knowledge and "Think Like the Top 1%" ™.

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Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills

Have confidence to solve problems to meet academic challenges and handle life's demands.

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Communication and Soft Skills


Connect and collaborate with others through effective communication to prepare for the future.

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Curriculum Cycle

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Formative Lesson

  • Develop higher-order thinking skills and broaden general knowledge through practical exercises and rich content.

  • Master new or revise existing knowledge and strategies for effective writing and communication through practical, well-researched exercises.

Formative Assessment

  • Diagnose learning issues through individually tailored and meticulous TWC-style comments for effective improvement.

  • Cultivate excellent habits of the mind through reflecting on learning issues and strategies provided.

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Summative Assessment

  • Build confidence in planning and applying taught skills, strategies and techniques independently.

  • Cultivate good exam habits and eliminate examination stress through frequent exposure to a simulation of exam conditions.

  • Ensure effective transference of knowledge into exam situations.

Consolidation Lesson

  • Develop critical reading and thinking skills in analysing excellent models of compositions, some adapted from actual students’ works.

  • Explore and reinforce learning of language skills through interacting deeply with text and analysing writing techniques in Model Compositions.


Learning is embedded in our DNA

We empower your child to be:

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A Well-Rounded Writer

Armed with an arsenal of language skills and techniques, your child will be a confident writer of different genres. Their strong writing skills will set a firm foundation for their learning in higher institutions.


With writing as an in-demand skill at most workplaces, your child will thrive with their capability to write and communicate eloquently.

A Critical Thinker

Your child will acquire skills to reflect on their learning process, and be able to ask pertinent questions to explore all facets of a subject.


As a critical thinker, your child will also possess high self-awareness, knowing their strengths and growth areas well. This is a major part of emotional intelligence, which is a significant contributor to success in life.

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A Creative Problem-Solver 

In addition to crafting pieces that are a joy to read, we develop your child’s creativity to help them be solution-oriented in tackling problems.


Equipped with skills such as the ability to persuade others and analyse issues, your child will be able to confidently tackle problems whether in school or in life. As a resilient person, they will excel not just in their studies, but also in relationships and their future workplace.

An Effective Communicator

An excellent writer knows how to utilise ethos, logos and pathos (appeal to ethics, logic and emotion) with finesse.


Through writing, your child will hone their soft skills, which helps them to be an effective communicator. According to research by LinkedIn in 2018, soft skills are also the most highly demanded by today's employers.

When I was in Primary 6, I rarely scored high marks for my school examinations.


After I joined TWC’s Writing Enrichment programme, my grades for Composition began to improve. The writing skills that I learnt in class helped me significantly in my Continuous Writing. I can now plan essays confidently during my exams.


For someone like me who usually scores 'B's for my English exams, an 'A*' for my PSLE left me astonished. I owe it all to TWC and my teacher who helped me every step of the way!

Alakh Parkhi, Primary 6

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

PSLE English: A*

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