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Tips on Reading with Your Child

 Tips on Reading with Your Child, parenting tips

When they can't read a word, say…
  • Can you sound it out?

  • Finger tap the word.

  • What is the first and last sound? What word would make sense?

  • Does it have a pattern that you have seen in other words? (e.g. prefix)

  • How does the word begin?

  • You said_______. Does that make sense?

  • What word would make sense that would start with this sound?

  • Put your finger under the word as you say it.

When they want to read a book that is too hard, say…
  • Let's read it together.

  • This is a book you will enjoy more if you save it until you are older — or later in the year.

  • [Be honest!] When people read books that are too hard for them, they often skip important parts. You will have more fun with this book if you wait until you can read it easily.

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