Prep Matters English Tuition™

Primary 1-6 (2 Hours / Lesson)

Our Prep Matters English Tuition programme was developed by TWC's own team of highly qualified and experienced exam strategists and specialists after extensive research.

Get Ahead of the Curve

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Systematic Approach Designed by TWC Curriculum Specialists

Maximise Scores by Tackling Exams with Clear Strategies

Be Exam-Ready and Develop Confidence to Ace English

Evolve into Globally Attuned, Critical Thinkers

Designed for Primary 1 and 2 students, Prep Matters English Tuition™ helps your child achieve mastery of the English language. Through different skills-based exercises, the curriculum is scaffolded with varying levels of challenges. Complemented with fun and visually appealing elements, our curriculum ensures that students will build a firm foundation in the English language, especially in Grammar and Vocabulary. 


In a thematic cycle, your child will be exposed to Comprehension, Comprehension Cloze, Grammar MCQ and Cloze, Writing, Reading, Listening Comprehension and Sentence Combining (Simplified Synthesis and Transformation).

TWC’s Strategic Exam Thinking™ Methodology

Get exam-ready with our effective strategies.


From Primary 3 to the PSLE year, your child will develop exam-smart strategies to maximise their scores in the various sections of the PSLE paper through the following:

General Knowledge

and Current Affairs


Engage in discussions of these topics to gain a competitive edge, especially in oral exams and compositions.

Think Like an Examiner


Acquire skills to approach questions systematically and confidently.

Drive Results


Assess learning gaps and aid retention of information through bite-sized and independent practice exercises.

Strategic Exam Teaching

All components (Paper 1-4) of the PSLE English papers are covered in our curriculum:

Our curriculum is structured to help our students tackle all components of their English examination papers, with a special emphasis on components with heavier weightages.

Learning is embedded in our DNA

We empower your child to be:

A Self-Directed Learner 

Your child will discover a fascination for learning. From picking up general knowledge and current affairs to discovering interesting facts embedded in the curriculum, they will also be motivated to explore the world independently.


The ability to self-motivate is an important life skill for the future.

An Achiever

With a warm and encouraging teaching approach rooted in growth mindset, your child will be confident to explore the unknown, be unafraid of setbacks, and encouraged to do their best in their studies. By daring to take risks, your child will be able to explore opportunities unavailable to those who do not wish to leave their comfort zone.

A Solution-Oriented Individual

Having been given the tools to overcome obstacles in their studies, your child will be able to analyse problems and devise solutions logically.

This will build your child into a resilient person not just academically but in their future workplace too, in addition to helping them foster healthy relationships throughout
their life.

A Globally Attuned Individual

Well-versed in current affairs and general knowledge, your child will be able to engage in meaningful discussions.


Beyond doing well in oral exams, being globally aware helps widen your child’s perspective and understanding of different cultures.

Thank you to my TWC teachers for teaching and guiding me throughout my P6 journey. TWC always plans an amazing lesson packed with videos and exhilarating activities to make it fun and enjoyable for all.


My scores went through the roof due to the helpful notes TWC provides and the wonderful guidance of my teachers. In P5, my grades were at a borderline ‘A’, but immediately after starting tuition in P6 with TWC, I saw improvements to a high ‘A’ and to an ‘A*’ in PSLE!!!

Pujara Vihaan Tarak, Primary 6

Opera Estate Primary School

PSLE English: A* (Dual Programme Student)

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