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A Crisis

As quickly as I could, I donned my trusty helmet and fireproof suit. I descended the fire engine and darted towards the bushfire. My comrades and I had been called to put out a sudden bushfire that had erupted along the west of the Gondwana rainforest. 

Upon arriving at the forest, I gaped in horror at the sight before me. Voluminous orange flames were devouring the trees, and dark smoke billowed into the sky. Shaking myself out of my initial state of shock, I swung into action. “Be brave, be brave, be brave. You can do this,” I thought, my confidence waning as I stared at the enormous fire. I took a deep breath and started unfurling the fire hose from the fire engine. 

My knuckles turned white with exertion as I gripped the fire hose tightly. I then started targeting jets of water at the savage fire. Sweat trickled down my neck as I sprayed furiously at the devastated forest. “Are we ever going to put it out?” I wondered helplessly, gritting my teeth. Suddenly, I heard a whimper over the roaring flames. It quickly morphed into shrieks and screams of pain. To my horror, I spotted a koala in the midst of the fire, desperate to find a way to escape. “I have to save the koala,” I muttered to myself. I dropped the hose on the grass and braced myself. Without a second thought, I plunged into the flames that came gnawing at me from all sides. 

Grimacing from the heat, I neared the poor koala. Its fur had singed off, pink flesh visible. The koala was in the middle of a ring of fire, its black beady eyes staring at me with desperation and hope. I immediately lunged forward and scooped up the koala as the fire lashed out at me. I sprinted through the fire, doing my best to ignore the searing heat piercing through my suit, my mind all the while focused on saving the poor marsupial.

Zooming towards the fire truck, I placed the quivering creature on one of the seats. I then collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath. The fire captain stood over me, commending, “Not bad for a newbie!”

“Thanks,” I wheezed, wondering if the koala was going to be alright.

That fateful day, I witnessed the repercussions of the irresponsible human behaviour that caused huge destruction to the wildlife and environment. “I just hope that not every fire is like this one,” I mumbled before bracing myself for my next ferocious battle with the deadly flames. 

A Crisis, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition


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