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A Disappointing Day

The sweet-scented aroma of honey-drizzled sausages entered my nostrils, making my stomach itch with hunger. My parents and I were having a family barbecue in our backyard and I was eager to bite into the tender meat and crispy lettuce. The fiery red barbecue pit, like a fire-breathing dragon, was sitting under the blazing sun next to the matching pretty red roses in our garden. Wisps of smoke rose from its grill. I wore a grin on my face as I skipped around the backyard, waiting for my father to finish grilling the sausages.

For the next few minutes, I kept babbling on about the last barbecue we had had. My mother nodded absent-mindedly while she continued flipping through her Vogue magazine. However, when I looked up at the sky, I realised that ominous clouds had begun rolling across it. My heart sank like the Titanic as I knew it would start raining soon.

Sure enough, sheets of rain poured down from the sky seconds later. “Oh no! There goes our barbecue!” my parents groaned. My father gestured towards the house as my mother exclaimed, “Good gracious, Michael! Your shirt is drenched! Quickly get inside and change your clothes before you get sick!” I darted inside the house with my parents. My family and I closed the door behind us, shutting out the roar of the thunder. My father ran a hand through his hair, trying to shake the drops of rainwater off. In the meantime, my mother hurried off to get us towels, tiny droplets dripping from her damp dress. Moments later, I was slumped on the sofa in disappointment, ignoring my parents’ advice to change out of my wet clothes. The barbecue was ruined!

I stared at the barbecue pit abandoned in the yard, tearing up dejectedly at the sight of my favourite sausages floating about in the sullied water. I could not help but remain sullen for the rest of the day. “It’s alright, buddy! We can have another barbecue another day!” my father chirped as he tried to cheer me up.

After that disappointing end to the barbecue, I realised I should have checked the weather forecast that day! Hopefully, the next barbecue would not be ruined by a storm!


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