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A Lesson Learnt

“Come in, come in, honeycakes,” my grandmother cooed with a tinge of happiness in her voice. My grandmother was a petite woman with white hair. Her hair was so white that I sometimes thought she must have dyed her hair to keep it snow white. I reluctantly stepped into her cluttered house. I instantaneously yearned for a cup of iced orange juice to drink, as the smell of mould was just too pungent. “Could I please just have a cup of iced orange juice?” I asked my grandmother. “Oh yes, my dear. Come on, follow me!”

As she opened the refrigerator, I eyed a carton of fresh orange juice sitting on the shelves. I expected her to take out the carton of fresh orange juice but instead, she took out two oranges! I asked her curiously, “Why can’t we just drink the orange juice in the carton?” My grandmother replied, “Oh no. It is too sweet. Who knows what on earth they put in there? Your grandfather bought it, but we should make fresh orange juice for ourselves.” Then, she proceeded to cut and put the oranges in the blender at a snail’s pace.

Drumming my fingers on the countertop impatiently, I let out persistent sighs. Suddenly, the shrill sound of the worn out telephone rang. My grandmother hurried to the phone and called out, “Do not touch the blender!” After she hurried out, I looked at the old red blender. It even seemed to be saying, “Quick - just blend the oranges. Now!” I looked at the kitchen door. Grandma was still taking a long time. My patience was wearing thin. Finally, I just popped the blender’s cover back on to the container and turned it on. But to my surprise, the contents exploded out of the blender! “Ahhhh!” I yelped. In my haste, I had neglected to put the cover on properly. Hurriedly, I turned off the blender and the blades stopped spinning abruptly. Orange pulp was stuck in my black hair.

Just then, my grandmother tottered back into the kitchen. She gasped, “Oh my! What happened here?” I explained my mishap to her and told her I was sorry. She remarked with a sigh, “Darling, you have to be more patient.” I looked down and nodded. After that, we cleaned the whole kitchen and made another batch of orange juice.

That day, I learnt an important lesson. I learnt to be more patient. Hopefully, I can spend more time with my grandmother in the future. Who knows what else I might learn?


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