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A Nasty Accident

A Nasty Accident, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Chirp! Chirp!” the birds were tweeting merrily as the sun rose from the East. Warm sunlight shone on my face as I woke up. Just then, I remembered that it was my birthday! I rushed downstairs to the living room and found a big pile of presents stacked in a corner! “Mom! Dad! Can I open my presents now?”, I asked. ”Sure!” Mom replied. I tore open the wrapping paper and saw a black bicycle! It was the latest design! I rode my bicycle to test it at the park connector near my house. It worked perfectly! I decided to ride it on the road. Suddenly, I remembered that my Dad always said, “Do not cycle on the road.” However, I thought to myself, “I’m good enough to cycle on the road!” Suddenly, I heard a loud crash as a truck went ploughing into a tree. The tree toppled over. I froze in shock like a deer in headlights. I heard a loud honk and saw a bright orange car speeding down the road. The reckless driver swerved from left to right to avoid many obstacles. It was going to hit me! I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out! My eyes widened, mouth fell agape and all colour drained from my face. Before I knew it, the car smashed straight into my bicycle. I flew a few metres before landing on the pavement. “Thud!” I realised that I was lying in a pool of blood, and blood was oozing from my knees. I noticed some cuts and bruises on my hands and that there was a bit of white bone protruding from my left knee. I stared at my bone in stunned disbelief for what seemed like an eternity. The ear-shattering blast from the horn of a fast-approaching oil tanker jolted me back to reality. “Bang!” the oil tanker collided into the boot of the car. The car flipped over and landed wheels up when the oil tanker rammed into it. My bicycle broke into two pieces and the wheels became dented. My nose was assaulted by the pungent smell of burning tyres as the oil from the oil tanker was spilt and caught fire. All at once, I heard the sound of wailing sirens from the ambulance, police and fire trucks. All the rescuers sprang into action. The police cordoned off the area with yellow tape to prevent people from entering the accident scene. Some of them interviewed the eyewitnesses and took down their statements. Paramedics rushed out of the ambulance with a stretcher. They assessed my injuries and secured me onto the stretcher with straps. On the pavement were family members crying uncontrollably for their loved ones. The firemen put out the fire and were using hydraulic cutters to slice through the metal frames of the truck, oil tanker and car to free the victims. Soon, the ambulance sped off to rush the victims and me to the hospital. I was fortunate that my injuries were not very serious. All my family members were relieved. After a few days, I was discharged from the hospital. I recalled the incident while lying on my bed. I resolved never to cycle on the road without parental supervision ever again. I also learnt that safety must always come first.


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