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A Reunion

A Reunion, TWC Student's Composition, Model Composition

“Snowy! Where are you?” I bellowed with mounting anxiety. It had already been a week since my faithful companion, my dog Snowy, disappeared into thin air. When I woke up that fateful morning, the door was open and Snowy had disappeared. I slumped down on a wooden bench, heaving a sigh of resignation. My heart ached at the thought of Snowy. All of my good memories with the canine flashed before me. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had only one last place to search, putting all my bets on this place and hoping that I could locate my best friend there.

Stepping into the HawHawHa Park, Snowy’s favourite park, I rummaged through my bag and fished out a zip lock bag with a slice of meat contained within it. Ever since Snowy disappeared, I had been scouring the surrounding area painstakingly, leaving no stone unturned. Yet, it all came down to this park, my final hope. I slipped on a pair of plastic gloves, and said a silent prayer. Then, I unsealed the zip lock bag before taking out the juicy slab of meat. Luckily, there was a strong smell emitting from it – Snowy would definitely notice it. Waving it in the air, I yelled, “Snowy, where are you? I have a juicy treat for you!” 

Out of the blue, I heard excited barks. With a start, I whipped my head in its direction. A flash of snowy-white fur was dashing towards me at breakneck speed, its white tail wagging vigorously. Without skipping a beat, the once-lost best friend of mine pounced at me, snatching the meat from my hand and gobbling it down ravenously. 

Time seemed to slow down as my eyes gleamed with excitement. I had found Snowy! I was choked with emotion. Elated beyond tears, I tousled its fur and rubbed its belly enthusiastically. “Snowy!” I exclaimed happily, “Where have you been? I was searching for you all over the place! Do you know how much I missed you?” The canine barked back cheerfully as if it had understood me and was answering. Its puppy eyes stared at me as it bounded around, rubbing its body against mine. It was apparent that it had missed me dearly too!

With a heart filled with joy, I skipped back home merrily, whistling a happy tune. It was true I was partly angry at Snowy worrying me and making quite a scene at the park, but with the snowy-white ball in my arms, I could not help but smile all the way back home.

Ever since this fateful reunion, I always keep my eyes on Snowy, never letting it run away again.


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