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A Sudden Downpour

“This is wonderful!” I squealed as I admired the towering trees and enjoyed the melodious chirping of the birds. Last Sunday, my parents and I were at East Coast Park. We chose a shady spot under two towering trees. The weather was bright and sunny. We were having a picnic. As Mum began to take sandwiches out from the picnic basket, my stomach growled in excitement. We were excited for a relaxing day and looking forward to enjoying the picnic.

Without warning, the bright sky turned gloomy. We glanced at each other worriedly. Suddenly, it started to rain cats and dogs. Loud booming sounds shook the ground beneath our feet. Hastily, we covered our heads. We quickly began to pack our belongings. Raindrops pelted our skins. 

We hurried to find shelter. Soon, I spotted a fast food restaurant. Immediately, we dashed towards it and entered the restaurant soaking wet. Once inside, we dried ourselves with towels. I sighed in relief and was grateful to be out of the rain. However, I was disappointed as our picnic was ruined. 

To perk me up, Dad ordered a meal. I tucked into our burgers and fries heartily. I enjoyed the crispy golden fries and piping hot Milo which smelled fragrant. Sniffing the aroma of the burgers, I quickly sank my teeth into the delicious cheeseburger. Alhough we had a good time together, we were disappointed by the bad weather which ruined our picnic. I hoped that our next picnic would not be ruined by a sudden downpour. 


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