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An Inconsiderate Act

Wheeling my trolley filled with cleaning equipment, I hobbled around the library, disinfecting tables and picking up trash strewn across the plush carpet. A deafening silence enveloped the library. For a moment, I felt peaceful. That was, until an abrupt sound of wrappers crinkling and loud munching pulled me out of my daydream. Seconds later, the aroma of beef found its way into my nostrils. “That is unusual!” I thought, flummoxed. I furrowed my eyebrows and decided to investigate the matter. Ignoring my aching back, I peeked at a gangly teenager hunched over a tall stack of books. After getting a closer look, I realised that he was munching on a scrumptious-looking burger over a comic book. The comic must be quite funny because he laughed out loud as crumbs flew out of his mouth. A few other patrons beside him glared at the obnoxious troublemaker with disdain and shifted away. I grimaced as ketchup from his burger dripped onto the floor.

Making a disgusted face, the inconsiderate teenager pulled out a slice of pickle and threw it across the library like an undersized, wet, floppy frisbee. Yuck! I have had enough of his unhygienic acts! “Stop! Stop creating such a mess!” I instructed him. The inconsiderate teenager barely glanced at me. “Get out of my way, lowly cleaner,” he mocked me. My blood boiled. “If you continue eating, I am going to call the head librarian!” I threatened before whipping out my phone.

Left with no choice, the now grumpy teenager grabbed his things and stormed out in a huff. I sighed. After he left, I surveyed the mess he had left behind. It was like a battlefield, with streaks of crimson tomato sauce adhering to his seat and sesame seeds strewn across the ground like fallen soldiers. “Looks like I have to clean this mess,” I sighed disdainfully. Just then, I heard a small voice from behind me quip, “May I help you?” I turned around. It was a boy aged about seven years old. Surprised by his kindness, I thanked him before breaking into a big smile. How I wish that everyone was kind and considerate like him.


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