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An Unforgettable Trip to the Museum

"We're here! We're here!" I squealed to my younger sister, Jane. It was a Sunday morning and Jane and I were going to visit a dinosaur museum. We excitedly gave the tickets to the kind employee who was collecting them. As we entered the museum, animated chatter filled the air and we saw many people walking around.

Jane and I meandered around the museum, catching glimpses of interesting facts as we went. A radiant smile lit up my face as I heard an employee share cool facts about the Cretaceous Period with everyone.

Just then, a menacing dinosaur shadow appeared before our eyes. Roar! The deafening sound of the dinosaur seemed to get louder as it got closer. It had razor-sharp claws and pointy teeth. My heart pounded like a wild drum, every cell in my body screaming in terror as Jane trembled like a leaf in the wind. I looked to the employee for help, but he was of no help whatsoever. He kept pretending to be scared even though I knew he was not. "Dinosaurs are still alive!" I thought repeatedly to myself.

I turned around expecting to see the real dinosaur, but instead, I saw an employee take off a dinosaur costume! Turns out, the shadow was caused by the employee wearing a dinosaur costume. A wave or relief washed over me and Jane. It surely was an unforgettable trip to the museum. We hope to be able to visit the museum again.


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