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Being Considerate

“Whew… I can finally head home,” I sighed as I started packing up my bag behind the check-out counter. It was the end of my shift and I was so ready to go home after a gruelling day of work at the supermarket. The government had recently announced that Singapore was going into lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and many people had rushed to get essentials. By the end of my work shift, almost all of the shelves were bare with only dust left. Even though the supermarket was about to close in ten minutes, there was still a large crowd waiting for a restock of supplies.

As I picked up my bag and got ready to leave, I noticed a skinny, old man clutching tightly onto his walking frame at the corner of my eye. However, thinking that he was an ordinary shopper, I paid no attention to him and headed for the doors of the supermarket. Just then, a loud exclamation sound came from the direction of the old man. I whirled around, only to find the elderly man sprawled on the floor and his walking frame lying not so far from him. I also saw a teenage boy bolting past him. “That boy must have knocked the old man over. He didn’t even stop to help the old man up! How inconsiderate!” I thought.

At that moment, a supermarket worker appeared with a trolley full of packs of toilet paper. Someone spotted him and shouted, “Look! The toilet papers have been restocked.” Upon hearing the news, the crowd surged towards the worker at lightning speed. I realised the eighty-year-old man was trying to get up but the crowd was soon approaching him. If I did not help the old man anytime soon, he might get stomped on! Placing down my bag, I dashed towards the old man immediately. Picking up his walking frame, I lifted him up and shoved the other shoppers out of the way. Reaching a safe space behind a pillar, I scanned the elderly man for any injuries. Seeing that the old man was safe and sound, I heaved a sigh of relief.

The old man smiled at me warmly and thanked me profusely, “Thank you for helping me up! You are very considerate!” After hearing the old man’s words, I smiled widely back at him and waved him goodbye. Beaming proudly at myself, I walked home cheerily.


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