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Ian’s Journal Entry on His Holiday

Ian’s Journal Entry on His Holiday, Holiday Journal entry

On the fifth of May, I went to Sydney, Australia. Sydney's weather sometimes went from scorching hot to freezing cold.

At Featherdale Wildlife Park, my uncle got attacked by a flock of seagulls. Immediately after the attack, the seagulls started laughing at him. The best part was that this was all caught on camera! Hahaha! That’s what I call a hilarious and embarrassing sight.

On another occasion, my father paid for some food for me to feed the sheep. However, when I tried to leave, I got chased by one of the sheep. "Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool? Yes Sir! Yes Sir! Three bags full!"

After that, I went to the Sydney Opera House. It is world-famous.

The day after, I visited the Blue Mountains. Why are they called the Blue Mountains? That is because the air there is blue! I don’t know the science behind it but I do know it's definitely not a usual phenomenon!


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